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December 30,2022

WATCH: Wild, Hair-Pulling, Punches-Throwing Brawl on Plane

by Bin Xu

A passenger has captured one of the wildest onboard airplane brawls in recent memory on a flight on Tunisiair.

And it’s one of the more disturbing passenger confrontation videos you’ll see – including, at one point, a male passenger grabbing the back of a woman’s hair and violently pulling her backward and then punching her.

It certainly stretches the definition of “naughty passengers” to reprehensible.

The incident happened last Saturday on Flight TU216 from Istanbul to Tunis before it departed, as apparently an argument took place involving at least four people regarding overhead bin space.

"This fight caused a delay of five hours and financial losses were suffered by the company," said a spokesperson for the airline, according to Newsweek . The spokesperson added that "an investigation has been opened" regarding the incident.

Members of the airline’s flight crew attempted to stop the brawl to no avail and later reported that they were physically attacked and insulted by passengers.

NOTE: Just a warning, this is among the more graphic videos from an airplane confrontation that you’ll see.

  • Bin Xu
  • December 30,2022

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