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August 18,2021

[Melbourne] 10. Outdoor bar, the cup light in the drinking room is flashing under the stars【 10 recommended outdoor bars in Mel

by Bin Xu

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Published on May 1, 2014 15:32

In general, bar is different from pub, and even more different from nightclub. Besides alcohol, there are also some simple food and non-alcoholic drinks. Even if you don't drink, it's also a good place to get together with friends, put aside the fatigue of a week's work and relax. Places involving alcohol will have security to ensure safety and order, So the bar is very common and healthy in Moore's eyes.

The number of bars in Melbourne is no less than that of coffee shops. Coffee in Melbourne has its own characteristics. Bars in Melbourne are also different from those in other areas, that is, outdoor bars in Melbourne. Because bars are relatively more crowded and noisy than coffee shops, why not release emotions to a wider outdoor environment, so there are all kinds of roof bars and bar gardens.

Most of the outdoor bars in Melbourne are concentrated in the urban area, because the urban area is the place where people get together on Thursdays, Fridays and weekends. When it comes to the rooftop bar, we have to mention the rooftop bar & Cinema on the roof of Curtin house near Chinatown in Swanston street, This bar directly takes its name as the "rooftop bar" itself, which has the potential to take its position seriously. There is no doubt that because of its excellent geographical location, this bar is really overcrowded most of the time, because in addition to drinking beer and eating hamburger, the biggest feature here is to enjoy the night view of the main road in the city 360 degrees, Although you can't see the mountains and the sea, you can also see the row upon row of office buildings and the lights. After the dawn of human civilization, you can order a cocktail, see the neon light and shadow through the colorful wine, and see the traffic and crowd at your feet. It seems that everything has nothing to do with me at this moment, standing in the middle of the city, With the help of alcohol, I feel lighter. It seems that all my troubles are left on the first floor. In midsummer, the time of sunset is getting late. After work, I can see the sky and clouds of the city on the roof of the Curtin building, change colors, look to the west, watch the sun setting, watch the stars rising, and switch a city from busy day to noisy night, Sometimes at 9:30 in the evening, you can watch an open-air movie in front of the big screen on the roof, watch the sunset in the most livable city, and then watch an open-air movie comfortably in the reclining chair. In the middle of the city, you can feel the romance of this busy city, which is different from ordinary days.

In addition to this roof bar in the urban area, there are Madame Brussel and Siglo bars in the east of the urban area. You can see the old national assembly building of Spring Street and the beautiful garden in the east from the roof terrace. Compared with the height of the seventh floor of Swanston street, these two bars are only two or three floors of terraces. The former is the real roof, while the two are more like attics. The former has only umbrellas, The two families have a roof, which is semi outdoor space, but they can still feel the outdoor breeze and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city. Madame Brussel also has an indoor part, which takes the retro lady route, has pink and light green walls, and can also reserve weekend afternoon tea. It is really a good place for ladies to get together. Siglo usually opens in the evening, From the unremarkable corridor to the terrace on the second floor, on one side is the classical Princess theater. For the European and American people who have a simple pre theatre dinner before watching the drama, this is a good place to rest and wait before the drama begins.

Palmz, a palm tavern located on Bourke Street, Burke street, brings tropical atmosphere to Melbourne, the capital of mainland Australia. The bar is part of Carlton Hotel. The indoor area on the second floor has an ostrich and a giraffe, as well as a rhinoceros head sculpture. In the red pattern wallpaper and dim light, the bar is more surrealistic, There are small palm trees on the outdoor terrace and roof on the second floor, and the bar is the structure of a grass house on the tropical seashore. This roof terrace is made into a tropical island floating over the city. People who are busy in this city pour a glass of beer here after work or on weekends, blowing the wind over the city, It seems that you don't have to buy a ticket to go to Maldives, Phuket or Tahiti.

It's different to drink over the city. The rooftop bars around the city are another kind of scenery. In Fitzroy District, which is full of Bohemian style in the northeast of Melbourne, there is a naked in the sky bar which ranks among the top of Melbourne bars, The bar is located near the intersection of Brunswick street and Johnston Street in Fitzroy. On the top of a Victorian retro building which is several stories higher than the surrounding houses, the bar and restaurant are inside, and a circle of space is outside. Here, you can see the high-rise buildings in the city not far away, When to go to the one story and two-story Victorian buildings in the surrounding old city, it's like a mirage standing in the future world. Looking downstairs, it's a matrix composed of typical low buildings and streets nearby. Among them, Brunswick street at the foot extends to the end of the ground level, and the copper inner wall runs through the restaurant on the first floor and the bar on the top, The style of the whole building is shrouded in the bronze space with metal texture.

The Emerson bar, which is located next to the market in South Asia, is located in the south of the city. Because the height and density of the houses around the city are not as high as those in the city center, living on the roof of this kind of block, you will feel more far away from the noise. Like naked in the sky, the Emerson is completely exposed to the sun without tall buildings. On the afternoon of the weekend, the Emerson will feel more comfortable, The sun umbrella filters out part of the sunshine. In the still dazzling weather, listening to the band playing and singing, South Asia's laporan area is known for its livability. Having a drink in this rooftop bar, I feel that the time here and now will never change.

Along chapel street, which runs through South Asia's Lapland, you will find the local taphouse not far from St Kilda beach. Millennium Hollywood documentary producer Steve Jefferies opened a bar here. Perhaps for the attention of film practitioners, he began to redecorate the bar in 2005, It took three years from May 2007 to February 2010 to build the bar into a 1930s European style pub with old-fashioned electric fans, cabinets, lighting and leather sofas. It's like the scenes from European movies in the big industrial era. It's also covered with a second floor outdoor space and reopened, Along the way, it's not as simple as beer. It's like a community where all beer lovers come together. There are often unique theme activities. For example, at the German theme beer party, employees change into Bavarian traditional clothes, jazz hats, shorts, stockings and lacy bubble sleeve shirts and skirts. Here, they drink more than beer, It's a blend of cultures. Walking into the space surrounded by old-fashioned sofas and cupboards downstairs, the wooden floor creaks and creaks, leaving the pressure and worries outside the door, and playing an old movie with a large glass of beer.

In addition to the rooftop bar, Melbourne also has a beer garden surrounded by outdoor space. It is said that Melbourne's winding alleys are a great charm behind the city. In many shops hidden in the alleys, there are also bars, such as tattersalls lane. There is section 8, the most famous alley bar in Melbourne. The space behind the buildings along Swanston street used to be an abandoned parking lot. During the 2006 Commonwealth Games, in order to cater to tourists coming from all directions to watch the game, this space was reused as a temporary bar because it was unexpectedly popular with local people after the game, Now everything is the same. The fence of barbed wire and the simple ceiling are disorderly covered with vines, which are piled up to form wooden warehouses with different heights. The cargo boards are used as card seats, and the graffiti gasoline barrels are used as tables. The bar is directly a container, with three graffiti in red, blue and green on the brick wall, and a statue of Bodhisattva, A few paper red lanterns and some green potted plants are the decoration in the bar. You can see the traces of "temporary" everywhere. However, this alternative bar, which has no boundary, no door and no wall, creates an incomparably friendly and relaxed outdoor space, which is just in line with the casual style of Australians, and has no rough but affordable drinks and food, In addition, the DJ staying at night is the way to survive in this backyard style bar. The ruggedness of vision and the delicacy of taste are also the reasons why this bar is popular.

After the art centre was renovated and reopened, a bar restaurant named fatto was opened on the upper sidewalk beside the Princes Bridge. The bar is divided into two parts. Half of the bar on one side of the Performing Arts Centre is built along the outer wall of the Performing Arts Centre, separated by green plant vines. It is a dining area, On the other side of the river, across the footpath, there is a pure open-air bar, which is simply separated by some red sticks and guardrails, and paved with green artificial turf. Here you can see the prince bridge and the urban area north of the river bank, as well as the shimmering light on the Yarra River at sunset in the West. This excellent location and environment, the water across the river from the hustle and bustle of the urban area, Also shield off a lot of city life troubles and worries.

Not far from FATO are two footbridges connecting the two banks of the Yala river. One is reconstructed from the original railway line, and the other has a pier on the river which can be walked down by stairs. On this pier is Ponyfish bar. This bar built on the pier is perhaps the most characteristic of Melbourne. From the perspective of being lower than the river bank and higher than the water surface, Watching the boats on the Yala River and the canoeing enthusiasts passing by, watching the setting sun slant. From the cracks of skyscrapers in the west of the city in the direction of the river, it seems that gold floats on the water. This perspective, which is lower than the river bank, imitates the distance between the Buddha and the city, but is closer to the water and nature, Let's forget the city for a moment. It's like a fish. Let's get close to the river that nurtures the city. Let's also get close to the heart that yearns to return to nature. Let's share the laughter and stories with our friends and tell them to the river.

In this way, you can enjoy the city's traffic or star lights with three or five friends in the sunny night sky or the sunny day on weekends. Or you can ask for a glass of beer and listen to the band singing in the open space of the back streets and alleys, the sidewalks by the river, and those simple enclosed areas, The bar is a place where Moore calls for friends after work. He can chat about the latest situation, relieve his worries, make new friends, and meet old friends. If the taste of coffee varies from person to person, alcohol can definitely make all ethnic groups in the world become a big family at once. The cup light between the drinks also shows the light of Melbourne's multicultural and humanistic feelings.

  • Bin Xu
  • August 18,2021

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