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April 29,2021

All the way west to the end of 318

by Bin Xu

Published on November 12, 2014 15:45

When the past goes with the wind, this situation can be recalled.

This article is dedicated to those who once walked 318, let's recall that unforgettable experience together.

At the time of writing this article, it has been two months since I returned to Shanghai from Lhasa. A lot of things have happened and done in the two months. But the only thing that has not changed is my nostalgia for the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. It seems that I am still under the blue sky and white clouds, breathing the thin and clear air, enjoying 12 hours of sunshine a day, eating and drinking every day, A stress free life. Although they can not do away from the secular world, but can experience a short leisure time is nothing more than a good life experience. This article is not a travel note, a strategy, or an essay. It's just for an old man who can recall this wonderful memory when his memory is seriously declining.

It is said that Tibet is a good place, with the purest air, pure water and simple Tibetans. Many people go there to find their lost selves, and even many of them are unwilling to come back. Therefore, apart from Beipiao, there are also Tibetans. But I went there for only one purpose, to experience a different way of life and enrich my life experience. I won't be gone forever. After all, there are many things I miss in the world, and I won't follow the tour group to enjoy a few days' journey back by plane. So I chose one of my favorite and most suitable ways to go to Tibet. What accompanies me is my own dream.

When I was surfing the Internet five years ago, I found a forum called Tianya by accident. Now I'm old and I've been called Yashu. One of the sections is about tourism, in which all kinds of travel talents send all kinds of photos, travel notes and random thoughts to it after returning. At that time, I was quite free, so I would watch it if I had nothing to do. Over time, it became a habit. The first thing I did on the Internet was to turn on the music and open the forum to see if there were any new posts. The forum is the most about the post into Tibet, any point open which is a scenery blockbuster. In addition to the beautiful scenery, what I like more is the stories happened on the road, which are full of laughter and bitterness. What's more, it's the joys and sorrows of people from all over the world who don't know each other but can get together. Although the road is hard, I'm not tired of it.

I don't know when an unrealistic idea began to sprout. I want to go to Tibet like them and experience the beauty in the way I like. Next, the character of your own Aquarius began to play a role, stubborn, a way to go black, not according to common sense, you never understand what he is thinking. So in May 2014, he resigned from his emotionless and stressful job. On the 10th anniversary of his work, he went back to the origin and experienced a different life.

During the period from resignation to departure, I made a lot of preparations. First of all, I had to choose my own way of travel, cycling? On foot? Too tired and too time-consuming, not suitable for me who like ease; Join an outdoor club and take an SUV? It's too expensive and expensive for me to be frugal; What about the most popular hitchhike? Too difficult too casual, not suitable for rigorous me, it seems that the popular few are not suitable for me. In fact, my favorite means of transportation is always the train, but there is no train on the Sichuan Tibet line, only the bus on the 318 line, so I finally chose the bus travel mode of 318. I can control the daily journey, the cost will not be too expensive, the journey will not be too tired, and there will be no risk of being abandoned on the wrong bus. However, there are still some problems. Because there are too few people taking the bus and too many small towns on the Sichuan Tibet line, there is too little information about the bus schedules in these small counties. In addition, it is difficult to find partners with the same travel mode at the same time and at the same destination. In this way, I couldn't find the complete schedule of the car until I started, and the itinerary plan couldn't be determined. No matter what he did, he had to do it to the end. What fascinated me most in the journey was that he was full of unknowns. There must be a way for the car to get to the front of the mountain. Let's leave everything on the road.

Although it's not the first time I've been on a strategic trip, it's the first time I've been on such a long journey. Looking at other people's travel notes, I always feel that the conditions on the Sichuan Tibet road are extremely difficult and bad, and I don't want to live in a good place. I'd better have a backpack, so I prepared a list myself, Try to pack your 45L backpack.

Get everything ready and get on the road.

First of all, let's take a picture of the starting point, the 0-meter line at the entrance of Shanghai People's Square Museum, where the dream begins

May 22nd

Shanghai Chengdu

14: 50-11:30 the next day, the berth ticket is 520 yuan

I like this all night sleeping car best. When I wake up, I find that the outside world is totally different. Although there are high-speed trains, I will choose this kind of ordinary air-conditioned car

Shanghai is sunny on the day of trip. Does it mean that the trip will be sunny all the way. Most of the northward trains get on at Shanghai station. This time, there are few direct trains stopping. They go northward through Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, then westward through Hefei, Anhui Province, Xiangyang, Wuhan, Hubei Province, Ankang, Shaanxi Province, and finally southward to Chengdu, Sichuan Province. The whole journey is only 20 hours and 40 minutes.

May 23, Chengdu

The train arrived at Chengdu Station on time. Instead of taking a taxi, it took the No.54 bus beside the railway station and arrived at the No.4 factory CYTS in xiaotongxiang, which was ordered before. Xiaotongxiang used to be famous as a bar and coffee shop in Chengdu, but most of them had been demolished when I went there this time. However, the environment of this youth travel agency is still good. It only takes ten minutes to walk to kuanzhaixiang, with 50 beds for six people for one night.

Kuan and Zhai alleys are not long. It takes only an hour to walk around. Like most of the pedestrian streets in China, they are all new antique buildings built by modern people, selling souvenirs and local snacks. However, the buildings are very Shu style, including the decoration of those hotels.

After going to Kuanzhai alley, I went to Jinli in the evening. I passed by Wuhou Temple. It was too late and it was closed. Unfortunately, I couldn't go in to see him

Happy Kong Ming

It's said that there are many delicious food in Chengdu, and there are many snacks in Jinli. It's a pity that one person's strength is too small and can't eat much, so he can only choose a few favorite ones to enjoy himself.

Chengdu's first day is over. It's not so amazing, but it's more approachable. Teahouses, hot pot shops and mahjong houses are the most livable cities on the streets. They all say that they can't get into Sichuan when they are young and they can't get out of Sichuan when they are old. They must move in for several years after they retire.

May 24th


In order to further experience the daily life of local people in Chengdu, we choose to go to people's Park and Chunxi Road, the largest pedestrian street in Chengdu.

Spend 20 yuan to order a cup of green tea at the lakeside of people's Park, and then spend one yuan to buy a local newspaper in the hands of primary school students who experience life, which can be spent in one morning. There are many teahouses and mahjong halls in the park, some of which are cheaper in the yard. You can play mahjong for 18 yuan in the morning, and you can also pack tea and lunch. When will the hard days end when you can only buy a lunch box for 18 yuan in Shanghai.

Lunch is in the "bell dumplings" in the park. Although it is in the tourist attractions, the price is the same as outside. Of course, the representative work "bell dumplings" should be served

At noon, take the subway in Chengdu to Chunxi Road

There are many time-honored brands on Chunxi Road. Unfortunately, they have limited stomachs and can't taste them one by one

The sweet water surface and clear soup chaoshou bought in longchaoshou have a common taste. I feel that the best thing to eat in Chengdu this time is a beef noodle in a small noodle shop next to CYTS. The noodles are spicy and smooth, and the pickles are refreshing. It's much better than these time-honored brands.

At night in Yulin to solve the problem, I can't tell the difference between hot and cold dishes. As a result, I was half killed by spicy food and half killed by scalding. I almost died there. It seems that it's better to have more friends to eat together in Chengdu.

May 25th

Chengdu Luding

I got up at 2 a.m. to watch the Champions League final. There were few people in the hall of the Youth League, and I only had three. One of the foreign players was quiet when he saw the ball. Later, when he asked, he knew that he was from Argentina, and he came to Real Madrid for the Argentine players. As I had to catch the bus in the morning and was facing a sleepy game, I went back to my room to sleep after half-time.

I got up early in the morning and went to Xinnanmen station in Chengdu. Unexpectedly, there was only one bus to Hailuogou every day, and the ticket was hard to buy. On the suggestion of the conductor, I changed it to Chengdu Luding and got off on the way to Hailuogou.

Today's weather is bad. It began to rain early in the morning. Fortunately, the road just out of Chengdu is pretty good. After passing Ya'an, post disaster reconstruction is still going on everywhere.

It's not easy to see the first cyclist on rainy days. Some of the tunnels are still very difficult to walk. I'm so impressed.

Moxi town at the foot of Hailuogou is already very commercial. There are hotels on the street. I don't know if it's because there are not many tourists in the off-season. I finally found this Dunzhu youth travel agency. The bed for six people is only 35 yuan. Even I only live in two people, and the room is very big and clean

The owner of the hotel is a little girl who loves traveling, but I don't know where to go. Only the owner's wife is watching. The decoration of the hotel is very warm.

There are no entertainment activities in Moxi town at night. No. 1.2 camp of Hailuogou Glacier can take a hot spring, but the traffic is not convenient, so you can choose to stay there

May 26th

Hailuogou Kangding

Today's trip is to go to the glacier in the morning and to Kangding in the evening, so I got up early to climb the glacier and left my luggage in the inn.

The ticket of Hailuogou is 92. After you go in, you have to take the bus to the foot of the mountain. The ticket is 70. It's a bit expensive.

There are two routes to the glacier. One is to take a cableway up the mountain to see the ice waterfall, but you can't get close to the glacier, but it's fast and labor-saving. The other is to take a walk to climb up the glacier. It takes about two hours to walk to the glacier. Of course, as a young man, I want to climb up.

Climbing from the foot of the mountain to the glacier needs to go through a large forest, and the road is relatively easy.

Standing at a high place, looking at the glacier and Gongga snow mountain

The glacier is covered with a thick layer of sand, which also plays a protective role for the glacier. Below is the glacier formed over many years. However, due to the warming weather, the glacier tongue is shortening every year. It may not be seen in a few years.

There is an ice cave on the glacier. It's very slippery. You can drill through it or go around it.

There are many ice crevices and freezes on the glacier. The road is very slippery. It's still very difficult to climb. Some places are also very dangerous. We must do what we can and don't go too far

After seeing the glacier, you can go back to Moxi town at about 2 p.m. if you have time, you can go to the nearby hongshitan. It's a newly developed scenic spot, but the traffic is not very convenient. You can charter a car outside the scenic spot. Because you have to go to Kangding next time, the driver is not on the way, so you can only leave it for the next time.

The traffic in Moxi town is not convenient. Most of the cars go to Luding. If you want to go to Kangding, you have to change at Luding. I found a car, and the driver said it was going to Kangding, which cost 60 yuan. But I didn't expect that when I drove to Luding bus station, I was handed over to another car. Fortunately, it's OK to arrive in the end. In the car, I heard from the driver that I have met many hitchhikers on the road, but generally I only take others when I am empty on the way back. I find someone to chat with on the road and listen to other people's stories. It is said that he has met the best person who spent only two yuan to finish 318 and lived in the military station. If he couldn't, he would sleep in the tent and ask others for something to eat. There was no difference between one meal and the other. Everyone has their own aspirations, but I can't accept this kind of play.

Passing by Luding County, I wanted to get off the bus to see where the Red Army seized the Luding Bridge in those years. However, the driver refused to stop when he wanted to go on the road. He had to take a long look when he passed by.

After more than two hours' drive, we arrive at Kangding County. As the capital of Ganzi Prefecture, Kangding is very busy. There are all kinds of hotels, restaurants, shops and entertainment places, only one main road. This is already a Tibetan area. The shops on the road and the costumes of the local people have Tibetan characteristics. There are many large-scale container trucks on the road. Many Tibetans are driving, and there are many Tibetan decorations hanging on the front of the car.

I chose Kangding International Youth Travel Service (CYTS) next to the bus station for my stay. The environment is good and I feel like CYTS. However, due to the shortage of manpower, I have to do many things by myself.

After putting down their backpacks, they went to the hall to chat with others, and soon found a group of like-minded friends. They discussed where to have fun in Kangding, such as running in Mashan, MUGECUO, Gongga snow mountain, etc. Finally, they decided to go to MUGECUO, led by Xiaoqiu, a driver who has been stationed in CYTS for a long time.

While chatting, I met several people who had just come back from Daocheng. They all said that the road there was too bad to walk, and there would be serious high altitude reaction at an altitude of more than 4000. A Singaporean just came from there and came back only one day. He didn't even go to Aden. Although it's a little scary, it can't shake my determination to go to Daocheng. As the most important stop of my trip, there is no difficulty to prevent me from seeing the true face of "the last pure land of the blue planet".

The plan is to stay in Kangding for only one day. In order to avoid not being able to get a ticket, I went to buy a ticket to Daocheng the day after tomorrow in the afternoon. There are two trains from Kangding to Daocheng every day. They leave at 6 a.m. and the ticket price is 135 yuan. Sure enough, the ticket is still tight, but it's not the most difficult to buy. It's a big transportation hub on line 318, At the same time, it can also be regarded as the boundary of the north-south line of bus 318. To the north, you can go to Seda, to the south, to Litang, and to Lhasa and Chengdu. It's more difficult to buy a ticket to seta north. If you have a chance, you can go to the Buddhist College there and enjoy the mysterious celestial burial. However, my main destination this time is Daocheng Aden, and seta can only be reserved for the next time.

After getting the tickets, we finally relaxed. In the evening, we shared a meal with our friends we just met. Driver Xiao Qiu took us to a local maocai restaurant. One of us didn't have a good meal of Sichuan cuisine in Chengdu. Today, we can finally enjoy it. For the first time, it feels like a combination of Mao xuewang and the most popular spicy pot in Sichuan cuisine, Choose your own side dishes, meat and vegetables at will, do a good job will become a big pot of stew, maoxuewang, delicious let me kill three bowls of rice.

Lying on my bed at night, I couldn't sleep. I felt the effect of high reaction for the first time. Although Kangding was only over 3000 meters above sea level, I just had a little difficulty breathing when I got off the bus. I just wanted to adapt slowly. But I didn't expect that high reaction brought me insomnia at night, and this kind of situation would always accompany me on the next journey. Before departure, I always believed that I was in good health and would not have serious adverse reactions. I didn't make too much preparation. I just bought a package of glucose granules with me. It turns out that I didn't have too many adverse reactions except insomnia. It seems that I was lucky, and this package of glucose was finally left by me in xicuo youth brigade in Lhasa for those in need.

May 27th

MUGECUO, Kangding

Although I didn't sleep well at night, I still had the habit of getting up early. I gathered in the lobby at the appointed time, and the driver led the team to the local best steamed bun shop for breakfast. The steamed buns were not bad. With master Xiaoqiu's unique chili sauce and vinegar, it was really suitable for me with heavy taste, but I was a little surprised by the pocket degree of one yuan steamed buns, His appearance is the same as that of ordinary steamed buns, but his size is not the same as that of ordinary steamed buns. He is very similar to his distant cousin Xiaolong in Shanghai. I didn't expect that all the steamed buns he ate along the way would maintain this shape until Lhasa.

Having enough to eat and drink, I'm in high spirits. Next, I have a hard work to do. Because this trip to MUGECUO, the master's ticket and return fee are only 180 yuan, but someone has to go back to the scenic area. The leader's friend can get a free pass to enter the scenic area. It seems that there's a lot of mischief in it. For the sake of Xiaoqiu's nice people and taking us to eat, drink and have fun, I became a return actor, As for how they divide, we don't care. The current situation of Chinese society is not strange. The front is still smooth, the master let me into the company and said to the staff, "I'm a friend of XXX, he asked me to come to the list". I recited this sentence for 50 times before I remembered it. The key is that the names of Tibetan compatriots are difficult to remember. After getting the pass, I went to the gate of the scenic spot and saw a group of Tibetan compatriots puffing in the security room. I was still a little nervous. I was afraid that they would beat me up or ask my friends to redeem me with thousands of yuan when they found out my fake identity. Fortunately, the plot in the movie didn't happen and we entered the scenic spot smoothly.

Mugeco is also called Kangding Love Song scenic spot. Its main scenic spots include Huangjing coast, hot spring, five color sea, etc. the traces of human activities are obvious. It feels like a big man-made park. The tickets are also very expensive. 105 + sightseeing bus 90. In addition, the weather on that day is not very good, and there are not many tourists. I always feel that it is far worse than the natural scenery on 318 road, As a result, all the scenic spots that will be charged in the later journey will not be visited.

All the way along the river in the scenic spot, I suddenly found a hot spring cave, emitting a pungent sulfur smell. The water is warm, and there are many egg flocs floating at the cave. It is estimated that it has been formed for many years, which brings us a big surprise. All the hot springs we saw before are big pools. We finally know where the hot springs come from.

It's only three o'clock in the afternoon when MUGECUO returns to Kangding County. When he has nothing to do, he will go to the street and prepare for the dry food on the coach to Daocheng tomorrow.

There are many Tibetan patterns carved on the mountain beside the county. Although I can't understand what it is, I can deeply feel the mysterious Tibetan culture. Then I went to a local market, which is also a hobby of mine. No matter which city I go to, I always go to the local market to experience the ordinary life of local residents and see what local characteristics are,

Seeing other people packing zongzi, I think that two days later is the Dragon Boat Festival. If a person lives in other places, he has to buy two zongzi to eat. It's a festival. There are two kinds of zongzi: salty and sweet. There are many kinds of beans in the sweet one, and it's hard to distinguish between them,

Yak meat in the market is only 45 kg, which is not expensive.

Walking on the street, I saw a sharp brother in Tibetan style. He was dressed with personality

I went back to CYTS to have dinner with my friends. I borrowed the kitchen of CYTS and volunteered to cook a table. The boss still doubted my ability. Don't order his kitchen. He cared about it several times. By the time I put a table on the table, he was speechless. It was so happy to live in CYTS.

The first time I cooked for a stranger, it might be that I cooked something in a Shanghai style, but I didn't finish it at last. On the contrary, another sister's twice cooked pork was very popular. I also learned how to cook authentic Sichuan style twice cooked pork.

May 28th

Kangding Daocheng

I've long heard that the road to Daocheng is rotten and hard. It's a full 13 hours' drive, crowded in a small bus, and crossing several mountains above 4000 meters above sea level. But in order to see the beautiful scenery of Aden, I think it's all worth it. Although Aden now has an airport, but always feel that easy to get happiness is not called happiness, hard-earned happiness is sweeter.

Although the altitude was very high, I didn't feel high or lack of oxygen when I was in the car. On the contrary, I got out of the car to take photos and ran for a few steps on the plateau at one time, resulting in breathlessness. On the way, I met several traffic jams, mostly to make way for military vehicles. In some places, the road is narrow and under construction. Although it is a two-way two lane road, it can only pass one vehicle at a time. Dozens of numbered military vehicles queue up in order to pass, which is still very spectacular.

From line 318 to Daocheng, Litang County is the only place to pass. The long-distance bus will stop here for a short time and then turn to Daocheng. It will arrive 5 or 6 hours after starting from Kangding. Most of the buses to other places are passing buses. The arrival and departure times are not fixed. Those who want to take can only wait, but there are many private buns at the door, Most people choose this kind of transportation to go to other places. As the long-distance bus only stayed for a few minutes, the first impression of Litang was not profound. Looking from a height, Litang in the distance was just an ordinary county on the plain, but the environment of 4000 meters above sea level made it not ordinary.

Starting from Litang, you can get to Daocheng in another six hours. At first, the road is not easy to walk. It's much better when you get to Daocheng airport. All the way is paved with new asphalt roads. It seems that it won't be too hard to get to Daocheng by plane from Chengdu.

It's still gray in Litang, but suddenly it's better in Daocheng. Although it's already 7 p.m., it's still very bright. The sun is no longer dazzling, but the sky is more blue.

The long-distance bus goes directly to the bus station. After looking at the bus schedule, there are not many buses going out of the city. There are buses going to Shangri La in Yunnan, and there are buses going to Chengdu. They run every two days. The driving time is very early. There are some private vans guarding the guests at the door. At that time, I didn't think much about it. After all, I wanted to go back to Litang. Many of Daocheng's materials were also transported from Litang. It should have been very convenient for me to take the train number. As a result, I almost lost a day when I went to Litang.

In any case, it's still early, so it's natural to go to the street. The imaginary Daocheng should be a desolate place, with nothing but beautiful scenery. However, the fact is quite different. Daocheng is already a very busy County, with newly built houses on both sides of the road, all kinds of shops and restaurants, and a new square in the center of the county, In the evening, there will still be people dancing square dance, just Tibetan style square dance, very lively. Maybe in a few years, it will be as busy as other cities in China, bars and restaurants on the street.

The first night in Daocheng was "Daocheng mother's youth travel". It was a three story building with beds for six people. There was no independent toilet. There was a dog that looked very like a Tibetan mastiff at the door. According to the people in the shop, the dog has been sleeping on his stomach all day. When the guests come or tease him, he can't even raise his head. But I don't know why only the Tibetan compatriots will wake up and shout a few times to make threats. There is a monkey in the yard of CYTS, and the store manager specially told him not to offend the monkey. Although there is a chain around his neck, many people have been scratched, It seems that those who look after the home care home for this youth brigade are really wonderful.

In the lobby, I have reserved a round-trip ticket to Aden, which costs 100 yuan. They are all private vans. A small van can seat eight people. After that, I used this kind of van for a long time. I didn't get on a regular bus until I went to Lhasa on August 1.

In the evening, someone in the lobby asked me to go to the hot spring nearby, 35 people. The price is not expensive, but after a day's driving, I was too tired to go. This is the second time I have missed the hot spring. I wanted to take a bath and go to bed early, but I didn't expect to encounter the unusual water cut-off. I didn't even have water to flush the toilet, so I had to get some mineral water to wash and sleep casually.

May 29th

Daocheng Aden

In the same way, I got up early to catch the bus. The driver took several people around Daocheng County and set foot on the road to Aden. A girl came to Chongqing. She got on the plane in Chengdu and came to Daocheng. She wore short sleeves and didn't even bring a coat. Although Chengdu is hotter than Daocheng, Aden, who is more than 3000 meters in height, has only a few times. I can't help worrying about this girl, Fortunately, the people in the same Inn lent her a suit. Otherwise, it's not a joke to get sick on the plateau. Necessary preparations should be made.

From Daocheng to yadinghui, I pass the mountain of Powa, 4500 meters above sea level. The mountain roads are all newly built asphalt roads. The road conditions are good, but there are many curves. I really admire the driving skills of these drivers.

You can get to the gate of Yading scenic spot in two or three hours. The ticket for the scenic spot is 270 yuan. It's really expensive. You need to take the bus to Yading village. As long as you don't leave the scenic spot, you can take the bus many times.

I found an inn at random in the village. The room is very clean and Tibetan. The top floor is a big roof, which is suitable for watching stars at night. There are 45 beds for six people for one night. As soon as the upper curtain is opened, you can see the snow mountain. The scenery is very good. I don't think there is any cheaper one. The owner of the inn is a young man from Henan Province, and his brother is a senior donkey friend. Influenced by his brother, he came to Aden to open an inn. The whole inn is operated by a young man alone. He said that it's the season to dig Cordyceps sinensis. Now all the people who have hired help go to dig Cordyceps sinensis, and they can only take care of it by themselves.

Although it was almost noon to Yading village, in order to save time and put down the luggage, we took the bus to the depth of the scenic spot. The bus can't drive in any more when it comes to an intersection. There are battery cars in the scenic area, but you have to walk a long way first.

The battery car costs 80 yuan to go back and forth. It's only ten minutes' walk, but it's not more than an hour's walk away. The latest one is 5 p.m. if you want to take the bus back to Aden village, you can only get back to the battery bus station before 5 p.m. It's a 10 kilometer walk from the battery station to the milk sea, and it takes four hours at the fastest. You can choose to take the local villagers' horses and go back and forth for 300 yuan. However, there is a section of road that is too steep and you still need to walk. In order to challenge myself and save money, I chose to go on foot. The scenery along the way is so beautiful that it can't be described in words. Even the photos taken with mobile phones and card machines are so beautiful that there's no need for post decoration.

If you want to save effort, you can do this kind of mule for Tibetan people to go up the mountain. It's very bad not to cross the road. Next to the simple path is the cliff. It's tiring and dangerous to climb up.

Along a small river, through Luorong cattle farm, over a mountain, you can reach the milk sea. The scenery in front of you is not in vain. I have worked so hard to get here. The real scenery is much more beautiful than the photos. It's about an hour's journey from the milk sea to the five color sea. Due to the limited time, I can't go to have a look. I'm sure I'll have another chance next time.

Yading also has some other scenic spots, such as Zhuhai, Chonggu temple, etc., but the most beautiful one is the milk sea, so I decided to come back tomorrow. It's about seven o'clock when I came back to Yading village. It's probably because I'm too tired to climb the mountain and due to the influence of the plateau climate, I suddenly feel a little feverish. It's no small matter to catch a cold and have a fever on the plateau. I'll take cold medicine and antipyretic medicine first and take a nap first. I had dinner with the boss in the inn. Unexpectedly, the boss invited us to eat hot pot. I wanted to eat something light, and there was no extra choice in this place. It is said that the food in the restaurant outside is tasteless and expensive. The hotpot is all vegetarian. Fortunately, the bottom of the hotpot has Sichuan flavor, and the food is also good. The boss said that he didn't want to put meat for us, but the plateau meat was not cooked well. Last time he cooked a chicken for a guest, and it was still raw after cooking for an hour. Sure enough, although the water in the hot pot is boiling, it can't be cooked for a long time. The boss said that the conditions here are very poor. Most of the materials are transported from the mountain. He also lives on instant noodles for three days. It seems that it's not easy to live here.

In the evening, I wanted to go to the rooftop to see the stars. There is a special star watching platform on the mountain, but I'm not allowed. I have to go to bed early for the next day's journey.

May 30th

Yading Daocheng

I got up early in the morning and got well. It seems that the medicine is still useful. This is also the only medication in my trip. After breakfast, I still went climbing in the morning, but the destination has been changed. According to the local Tibetans, there is a frog sea deep in the mountain. Few tourists know it. The scenery is also very beautiful. The milk sea, which has the best scenery, was visited yesterday, so I changed my mind to go to the frog sea.

Frog sea can be divided into big and small. It is said that the big one is more beautiful. It can be reached by walking for two hours. The weather is very good. The sky is very blue. You can walk along a small road. Along the way, you meet many Tibetans who go to dig Cordyceps sinensis. They all show us the way enthusiastically.

Although the road is hard to walk, the scenery along the way is very good. There are valleys, streams and mountains of wild flowers along the way. Unconsciously, we missed the fork of the road to the big frog sea. It was only when we walked to a valley that we found that there was no way. Fortunately, we met two Tibetans who came back from digging Cordyceps sinensis. He said that we went in the wrong direction, One elder sister specially climbed up the hillside of a nearby mountain to see the way for us, and then pointed out the right direction for us. I really appreciate these simple Tibetans.

According to the direction that the Tibetans pointed out to us, they climbed a high mountain, a mountain with few roads. They said that they could walk back to the main road after climbing this mountain. However, the lovely Tibetans overestimated my mountain climbing ability. Due to excessive physical exertion yesterday, I got sick again, and lack of oxygen on the plateau, I thought that I could never go back. Maybe I spent my whole life here. I regretted that I didn't have the way back, but chose to climb the mountain. Fortunately, with the encouragement of my companions, I bit my teeth and insisted on climbing to the top of the mountain. Standing on the top of the mountain, I finally saw the path leading to the big frog sea. In the distance, the mountains stood towering, and the little frog sea that looked like a frog was under my feet.

When we got back to the right road, we could walk for another half an hour to the big frog sea. On the way, we met two businessmen who collected Cordyceps sinensis. They took us all the way to the big frog sea. On the way, we really met many good people.

I walked back and forth for six hours to see the beautiful scenery here. There are no tourists here, only the original scenery created by nature. However, the hardships along the way still make me feel a little bit scared. On the way back, I finally saw the humble arrow hanging on a small tree at the fork, pointing to the right road. If I am not careful, I will miss it, just like life, some people and things will be wrong if I am not careful. So on the way back, I met two people who went to frog sea, and I repeatedly reminded them not to go the wrong way

It's two o'clock in the afternoon when I went back to Yading village. After dinner, I can only buy instant noodles. I thought things should be super expensive in a place where materials are scarce. I didn't expect that a bottle of coke costs only four yuan and a bowl of noodles costs six yuan, which is even cheaper than some railway stations.

Take the bus back to the gate of the scenic spot at three o'clock, and the driver back to Daocheng has been waiting at the gate early. Fortunately, the bus back to Daocheng has been reserved in advance. It is very difficult to carpool temporarily. Only some off-road vehicles have seats, but the price is exorbitant.

In the evening, I didn't go back to the previous Youth Travel Agency, but went to another youth travel agency in Daocheng. The four person bed also has an independent bathroom, and the room yard is much cleaner. Most importantly, it's next to the bus station. In fact, there are many scenic spots in Daocheng County, but I don't have time to see them this time. If I have a chance, I must rent a bicycle to have a good look in Daocheng.

May 31st

I always get up early. I didn't get up until 7 o'clock. I thought there were a lot of cars going to Litang. I didn't expect that Daocheng was restricted from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. It's time for us to take a bus. We can only get out of the city at 3 p.m. I had no choice but to go back to CYTS and continue to sleep. It seems that this day has been abandoned. Unwilling, I went to the station again after lunch to try my luck. Finally, I met a driver who was willing to start immediately. However, this was only verbal. I waited for an hour on the bus and the driver didn't start on the road until the van was full.

At 7:30 in the evening, I finally arrived in Litang, ending my trip to Daocheng Aden. I can only use one sentence to describe my trip to Daocheng - "a place I have to go once in my life". Without any reason, people who have been there will naturally understand. Although Aden in the photo is beautiful, it is in the eyes of others. Only when you have been to Aden can you feel the hard won beauty.

Although it's already 7:30 p.m., it's still early for the plateau. Finally, I have time to visit the plateau city. The hostel owner and volunteers are very hospitable. They always introduce all the scenic spots in Litang. If you are interested, you can drive us for free. Unfortunately, I only stay in Litang for one night, and the next day I will leave for BondA. As for the changqingchun Keer temple, the Gnei mountain and maoya grassland can only be left for the next time.

Standing on the rooftop of CYTS overlooking Litang County, there are no high-rise buildings, no red and white lights, only pigs and cattle walking all over the street, many single yaks hanging bells around their necks, unattended, maybe only the owner can distinguish. Most of the wild dogs on the street are wild dogs. It's said that the wild dogs here are extremely fierce. When they are very hungry, a few wild dogs open their bellies on a pig on the street, but no one cares.

The dinner was finished in a Sichuan restaurant. In the middle of the meal, two lamas came and gave them two one yuan coins without any extra change. Unexpectedly, they shook their heads and didn't point at the ten yuan note in my hand. Because of the language barrier, I didn't understand. When I hesitated to give them, they shook their heads and left with a smile, Later, the hostess of the hotel explained to me that Tibetans don't want coins. At this time, it suddenly dawned on me that the customs of different regions are very different. In Shanghai, no one wants to change money for others.

In the evening, I went back to CYTS and asked if there were any carpools to Mangkang. It was really a burst of character. I just met four people from Yunnan. They went to Lhasa on the same route as me on 318. It seems that they are walking on 318. In order to save money, they have to learn how to find someone to carpool.

June 1st

Litang Mangkang Bangda

Although the team of the new group is in the same direction, there is a lack of master. Fortunately, everyone is more easygoing and the time is more casual. So we decided to take a bus to BondA on the same day if time permits. I got on the bus at 7:30 in the morning and didn't arrive at BondA until 8:30 in the evening. I bumped on the van for 13 hours.

The road from Litang to Mangkang is in good condition. The scenery outside the car window is the most typical plateau scenery. There are almost no man's land along the way, but occasionally I can meet a few cyclists or hikers. I really admire their perseverance. After more than an hour's drive, you can reach Haizi mountain, which is more than 4000 meters above sea level. A little further ahead is the famous sister sea.

Standing on the viewing platform of the mountain, looking at the sister sea at the foot of the mountain, the uncanny workmanship of nature makes her look so beautiful and moving, and she just quietly deduces the changes of years, laughing at us passers-by every day. I have to sigh how small people seem in front of nature. Maybe I will come here many years later. Although I may be old by then, I hope sister sea can still be so beautiful and moving.

After Batang, you will reach the Jinsha River Bridge, the boundary between Sichuan and Tibet. Crossing this bridge, you will really reach Tibet. You are also very excited. Your wish to enter Tibet for many years has finally come true. There are a lot more border security checks in Tibet. Almost every time you enter a county, you have to check the provincial certificate.

The driver took us to the long-distance station of Mangkang, and the journey from Chengdu to Lhasa is now more than half. There are not many long-distance buses in Mangkang county. Most of them are passing buses. It seems that if you want to take a long-distance bus, you have to wait and fight for character. It's about six hours from Mangkang to BondA. After discussion, we decided that if we could find a car, we would go directly to BondA after lunch. After lunch, I went out to see if there were any private vans going to BondA. Although there were only a few at the gate of the station, there was no one. So I searched the nearby street and finally found one, which was not expensive. When I asked, I knew that the driver was BondA's and wanted to take us home. But I couldn't get on the bus directly at the gate of the station. I had to go out of the checkpoint in Mangkang county to get on the bus, It turns out that local drivers in Mangkang do not allow BondA's drivers to carry passengers at the gate of the station. It seems that local protectionism exists everywhere.

So we were in the big sun at noon, enjoying the ultraviolet radiation of the plateau, carrying dozens of kilograms of backpacks, had a hike addiction. After walking only two kilometers, I was sweating profusely. After experiencing it, I realized that hiking requires perseverance. I really admire those who hike 318 more and more

When we get to Bangda County, it is 3552 kilometers away from Shanghai, the starting point of 318. On the way, we will pass Dongda mountain with an altitude of 5008 meters.

The van has been driving on the national road without street lights, and it's still very fast on the winding mountain road. I can't help but feel a little scared when I sit on the bus, but the driver is familiar with the road and seems very relaxed. Fortunately, we arrived at BondA not long after dark. It was 8:30 p.m. and BondA couldn't see clearly at night. I felt that there were many hotels near a large square. The hotel is very cheap. The bed for eight people is only 20 yuan, and it has an independent bathroom. The room is very clean, and the cyclist can get a discount of only 15 yuan.

June 2nd

BondA Ranwu Bomi Motuo

The most visited places in the trip started a magical day. In the morning, I was still in Bangda, not far from the border between Sichuan and Tibet, but in the evening, I was in Motuo, South Tibet, near India. It was another day's hard driving.

I got up in the morning and finally had a chance to see the county. In a very small county, there are hotels around Bangda square. You should know that this small county has an airport. Since Bangda is a must pass from Changdu to Lhasa, or from Chengdu to Lhasa, it is also a resting place for most drivers. Here you can take the shuttle bus from Changdu to Lhasa or Chengdu to Lhasa, or you can do those

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