South Asia Fun Tour
August 19,2021

Yaya walks the world four times in four years on the Ocean Road (to Portland and granpin mountains) and Tasmania's most classic

by Bin Xu

New   Zealand,   In this pure world, we have left our hearts and minds there  ... ...



Before the beginning of the travel notes, I'd like to give you some basic strategies for visiting Tadao island and Dayang road. Visa and other information will not be repeated here. point one   Four major airlines

You can use skyscanner to compare the ticket price first, and then choose your favorite airline and flight.

-   Qantas:   The price is the most expensive, Australia inland tourism is not recommended

-   Jetstar: cheap air, but there are strict rules on carry on luggage, and there are special tickets every Friday

-   Virgin   Blue: the price is a little more expensive than Jetstar. You can compare the price and time of the two companies before you buy a plane ticket. Virgin usually has a better time

-   Tiger: it's the cheapest, but the operation is not good. It's often late. It's the farthest from the terminal. In order to ensure the landing time, please choose carefully point two   Two major airports in Melbourne

Generally take Dayang road or tower island will transit through Melbourne, and Melbourne has two major airports.

-   Tullamarine is close to the urban area, and the main routes take off and land from this airport. There is shutdown   The bus can go directly to the Southern Cross station in the city   Cross   Station)。

-   Avalon   On the way to Geelong in Melbourne. Air tickets are relatively cheap, but it's still a quarter to an hour's drive from downtown. If you live in the city after you arrive in Melbourne, it is not recommended to fly to Avalon, unless you go directly to Dayang road or Taojin Town, which is more convenient. point three   Tasmania Airport

They usually fly to two big cities, Hobart or Launceston. Melbourne also has ships to tower Island, but only to Devonport   Because when I was in Greece, I jumped to the island and traveled on such a boat, so I chose the plane this time, which saved time and was cheap. The advantage of the boat is that it can save one night's accommodation, usually starting in the evening and arriving in the morning. So we measure it by ourselves.

-Hobart   Located at the southern tip of Tasmania, it is also the capital of Tasmania. Flying Hobart is closer to Port Arthur and Richmond. You can also go to Bruny island   island)   Play.

-   Lanceston   It is located at the northern end of tower Island, near Davenport and Cradle Mountain. So you can choose the airport to take off and land according to your own route

get accommodation   Type of accommodation

-   hotel:   The hotel can be selected according to star rating, customer rating and geographical location. Three or four star hotels are the most common, with prices between 100 and 200 Australian dollars

-   Apartment Hotel: there are many apartment hotels in Melbourne and Dayang Road, usually with two rooms and one living room with kitchen. If more than four people can choose this kind of hotel, it is very economical. The price is similar to that of three or four star hotel.

-   Motel:   The price is better than the hotel. Some motels have kitchens and can cook by themselves. About $80

-   B&B:   As the name suggests, with breakfast, private operation, very home feeling. The price is also between a $100 and a $200

-   YHA (Youth Hostel)   Most of them are upper and lower bunks, which are suitable for backpackers. The bathroom is public, but the price is the cheapest, and they are usually in a good location. Prices range from $10 to $80 per person

【2.3   [car rental]

You can compare the models and prices on some car rental websites, such as vroom,   Rental   Cars   And so on. One thing to remind you is that although some websites rent cars cheaply, they add insurance and the price goes up immediately. Some websites are priced with insurance. So we must remember to see clearly when comparing the prices.

Tadao and Dayang road have mountain roads, so if the price difference is not big, it is recommended to rent SUV.

2.three point one   Price comparison website:


The reservation is free of charge, and there is no need to pay in advance. It can be cancelled free of charge before picking up the car at the counter. There is no need to provide credit card information when booking, but use credit card to pay the relevant fees when picking up the car at the counter.

-Rental car

The cost of car rental insurance has been included. After the reservation is completed, the expenses will be deducted immediately. If there is a need to change the itinerary, there will be an additional service charge, so do not change the itinerary if you book here.

2.three point two   Car rental company:

-   Hertz:   Although famous, the price is the most expensive

-   AVIS:   There are many stores, sometimes there are promotions

-   APEX/   EUROPCAR/   BUDGET/THRIFTY:   Both are relatively cheap. The price difference lies in the different models and insurance premium.

2.three point three   matters needing attention:

1) When you pick up the car, remember to check the car condition and scratches first, so as not to cause disputes when returning the car.

2) Be sure to carefully understand the scope of insurance, in order to minimize the cost of car rental in case of accidents.

【2.4   [delicious food]

2.4.1   Melbourne

There are so many choices to eat, almost all over the world. After all, there are immigrants from all over the world. You can go to Southbank for Western food,   Italian food   Street,   Chinese Chinatown, Glen   Waverley,   Vietnamese cuisine   Richmond。。。

2.4.2   Tasmania

1)   Hobart   Mures  :

Hobart the best place to eat seafood, good environment, the center of the port   I'll see you later. There are two floors up and down. Upstairs is fine   Dinging is more expensive. It's more common downstairs, but there are many choices.

2)   Hobart   Mako:

It's just opposite Mures, built on a dock, and the price is higher than Mures' lower   It's cheap

Shipwrights   Arms(Hobart):   The price of the restaurant recommended by foreigners is OK,   It's a pity that we didn't have a fixed position when we went there, so we had to go back to Mures for dinner

3) Wine glass Bay Freycinet   marine   farm

There are fresh oysters, scallops and sea fish. On the way to jiubeiwan, we can have lunch. It's just that the entrance is not very impressive and easy to miss

2.4.3   Great Ocean Road

Sailor's Rest:

If you leave Melbourne in the morning, you can have lunch there and take a walk in Geelong   View   It's very good. It's facing Geelong harbor.

View of Seafood:

It's a good choice for oysters and lobsters. It's all fresh from the day. But the price is a little expensive. You can order another bottle of Apollo   Bay's Sauvignon   Blanc   Or Chardonnay   With seafood.

【2.5   [shopping]

2.five point one   supermarket

Two supermarkets in Australia   Woolworth and Coles,   Daily necessities and food can be bought here. And Aldi,   Take the price line, but the choice is relatively small, and the stores are not as many as the two supermarkets. Dayang road is the best place to supplement the daily food in Jilang. The two stores in Jilang are relatively large.

2.five point two   Pharmacy

My chemist, My chemist warehouse, Priceline

Here you can buy many Australian nutrition products and various local skin care products. Especially when the autumn and winter are dry, the landlord has tried many big cards without fruit, and bought several kinds of Australian local cream, which immediately solved the problem of dry skin.

2.five point three   Department store

Kmart:   The most affordable route

Target: middle route, and Kmart,   Coles is part of the westfarmer group

BIGW:   It's a group with Woolworth, a little lower than target

Myer:   Similar to Pacific department store in China

David   Jones:   High end brand, similar to Isetan, it's cost-effective to go shopping in the discount season (December, June)

Chapter three: Tasmania


The obsession with Tasmania stems from a program I saw on Tourism Satellite TV many years ago, which introduced Tasmania and its demons. When I saw that column, I thought I would come one day.

First of all, let's take a look at our journey in Tadao. The shape of Tadao is like the heart. There was a saying that this is the heart of the whole world. We only visited its right atrium this time, but it is the most beautiful place of the whole heart.   Because I only had four days in TASHIMA Island, I only chose the east route this time, giving up cradle hill and Bruny near Hobart   ISLAND.   The east line is along the coastline. The scenery is beautiful, but different from the No.1 highway in the United States and the amarfi coast in Italy, the coastline here is almost deserted and populated. I saw cattle and sheep most along the way.

3.1   Trip to Tata Island

This time I went to Tajima island in a hurry. It is generally recommended that I should spend a week on Tajima Island, so I had to give up Cradle Mountain and Bruni island,   It took four full days.

- Day 1: Melbourne- Hobart 霍巴特- Tasman island(Port Arthur) 亚瑟港- Bicheno

-   Day2:   Bicheno  ( Blow   hole)  –  Wineglass   bay   Goblet Bay-   Bay   of   Fire Bay  –  Launceston   Lonceston

-Day3:   Launceston  –  Prestige   Highway  ( Ross   Town   Ross Town, Oatlands   Ortland town)  –  Richmond   Richmond  –  Hobart

-   Day4:   Hobart  –  Mt.   Wellington   Wellington Hill-   Bonorong  –  Hobart   Hobart-   Melbourne

 [miss Yaya's suggestion]

+1 day: if you have enough time, Hobart can stay one more day and go to Bruny   Island by boat tour, this tour has three hours and five hours, you can see the beautiful coastline, seals, sea lions and dolphins. But English is spoken all the time, so few Chinese people play this line.

+2 days: one more day, you can be in bay   of   fire)   Stay one night. Our experience:   It's too hard to drive from flame bay to Launceston in the evening. It's all mountain roads. There are many ups and downs. It's not safe to drive all night after all. And there are few tourists there. The scenery is picturesque. You can enjoy the whole beach for yourself. Later, I will take a picture of me concave there.

+3 days: then you can consider taking the western route to Cradle Mountain. Let's leave my west line for the next trip to Tadao!


 Tajima Island Tour tips

1.  Remember before you leave the airport, at visitor   Info take a lot of free travel promotion, map, hotel, play introduction. Occasionally, there will be a single page of introduction in Chinese. There are free maps and brochures available in almost all the tourist attractions in Australia. In a big city like Melbourne, there is a Chinese version of the introduction.

2.  Tashima is an independent Island, so the food inspection is very strict, for fear of damaging the existing biological chain and plant distribution. So try not to bring food to the island. Dogs will smell it.

3.  Many parts of the island are sparsely populated, so it's best to go to the supermarket to buy water and food after leaving the airport. Otherwise, there may be no place for you to buy these things for most of the day. We bought a whole box of water, because there are other fruit juices and so on. Of course, we haven't finished the water.

4.  The salmon of Tashima island is especially famous. There are fresh or packaged smoked salmon in the supermarket, which has almost become our breakfast necessities.

5.  It's a long way to go, with beautiful scenery, but not without music. So, remember to take the power bank and audio cable, so that you can listen to the songs in the iPhone or iPad in the car at any time, and you're not afraid of the power failure

3.4   scenic spot

If you don't want to rent a car, you can choose the following routes.

1) Port Arthur + Richmond + Tasman Peninsula

This is a classic route around Hobart. If you want to have a leisurely time in Hobart without renting a car, you can join this one-day tour, which is highly recommended

2) Along the east bank

This is suitable for children's shoes who are in a short time but don't want to miss the beautiful scenery of the eastern coast. Next, I'm going to introduce the metropolitan routes such as goblet Bay and Coos Bay

3) Bruny Peninsula   island

Finally, I'd like to recommend this cruise. Because I don't have enough time, although I did my homework well, I missed it! I hope I can go again next time. The Bruni Island Cruise was rated by foreigners as the most fun route in Tasmania

Or you can take a one-day tour of Bruni Island, the scenery is absolutely shocking

4) One day tour to Port Arthur

The owner of the building only spent half a day on the tour because he was in a hurry. In fact, the port of Arthur is very big, so he can spend a day on it

5) One day tour of Cradle Mountain

If you go to lonceston, you can spend a day to go to the Cradle Mountain. Because of time constraints, the landlord has to abandon the Cradle Mountain

 3.5 tower Island Tour

Travel notes finally began!

3.5.1   Tasman Peninsula / Port Arthur  ( Tasman   island/Port   Arthur)

We rent Europcar this time,   Because there are many mountain roads, we finally chose Subaru   Forrester),   It's more than enough for four people. It's enough power to go up and down the slope. As soon as the airport comes out, across the road is the place to pick up the car. All the car rental companies are concentrated there.   In addition, we didn't bring almost all our food, so we planned to get off the plane and go to the supermarket for shopping. It's a pity that I forgot to put the cherry in my bag before I got on the plane in the morning, but it was smelled by the dog, so I was forced to throw it all away. Just patronize with travel brochures, forget to take pictures of the lovely dog.   As soon as we got out of the airport, our car went straight to Tasman peninsula. As it was still early, we went to Woolworths to buy food and drink, and then we had a simple meal in subway.

Let's talk about subway,   I think if you have to eat fast food in Australia,   Subway is the first choice. The food is fresh and the vegetables are the same day. If you can't sell them out, throw them away. Compared with McKee, KFC and local hungry   Jack's and red   Rooster,   Subway is large and healthy, and there are different specials every day.

Before coming to Tasmania, Australian friends reminded us of port   A lot of roads have been blocked because of the mountain fire some time ago. Fortunately, when we went, the road was open, but we saw a completely different decadent beauty. We have been driving for nearly an hour, and almost all the trees on the roadside are of this color.

I'm going to pirates   On the way to bay, I suddenly saw a beach by the side of the road. I yelled and rushed down. Maybe it's the tide, maybe it's the wind, which makes the beach here full of a kind of hopeless and confused beauty. By the time we passed the beach on our way back, the sea had already overflowed.

There are charred tree trunks all over the eyes, but the local people say that it's good to burn them once in a while, but this time the range is too large

Look at the beach behind me

My hair is in a mess

There are many beautiful bay in Tasman peninsula,   We will see more Bay in the next few days   This is pirates   bay

 it's much easier to see the bay than to climb to the top of the mountain to get a panoramic view

Tasman   Arch,   And London on Dayang Road   Arch (later in the chapter on Dayang Road)   Very similar

Tasman Sea

Waterfall   bay,   It is very similar to the coastline of the twelve disciples

Devils Kitchen

 originally, I wanted to visit port, the most beautiful prison in the world   At that time, the British put the most serious criminals in exile to Tasman Peninsula, which is located at the southernmost tip of ta'ao island. I never thought that this is a place like a paradise where I can enjoy my life. However, in view of the super expensive tickets and the worry that the journey to Bicheno is too far, I strolled outside the door and went to Bicheno. What's more, people are not interested in going to prison

On the way back, there are still charred marks

There are only two chimneys left in this forest

3.five point two   Biceno and goblet Bay  ( Bicheno   and   Wineglass   Bay)

There are two reasons why I choose to live in Bicheno. I'm going to wineglass the next day   Bay (but there are not many accommodation options), and there are free Penguin viewing spots here. Of course, you can also quote tour for payment,   There will be a special person to take you to see the little penguins. Although the number is far less than that of geese Island, it is guaranteed to see them.

At Bicheno, we chose Bicheno   by   the   resort,   There are independent cabins with kitchens, and a variety of small animals that often appear in the resort. Kangaroos and rabbits are the most (usually come out to play in the evening). In fact, kangaroo is a big kangaroo, and wallaby is a small kangaroo   Our RP was very good, although it was already more than six o'clock when we arrived, we got the last beach cottage.

And choose this resort   It's also because it's closest to the nest of the little penguin. It's only two or three minutes' walk, and it's free to watch. Of course, there are also paid tours like keee island in Bicheno, but they are closer to each other and have special guides.

Naturally, oysters are indispensable for dinner. In the days of Tadao, we can't do without oysters for almost every meal except breakfast, at least one dozen for each. I forgot the name of the restaurant, but his view is the best in Bicheno.

 after dinner, I will accompany you to see the little penguin. Because miss Yaya, I've seen it in Kee island before, and I'm not too excited. On the contrary, Xiaocui and XiaoC were so surprised that they could not speak when they saw the little penguin passing by. Unfortunately, it's too dark to flash  )。 Here we can only play imagination, to show you a penguin signpost it! Or when I finish writing my travels around Melbourne one day, I'll post the little penguin.

D2: Bicheno (Blow hole) – Wineglass bay– Bay of Fire – Launceston

It's a big day. We're going to Tashima East   The most beautiful part of coast-   Goblet Bay and fire Bay. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I hasten to open the curtains to see if the sun still cares for us. Look, the sun is about to come out of the clouds

 with the materials we bought in the supermarket the day before, we made our own love breakfast

Sitting in such a place, watching the sea, listening to the birds, eating breakfast, how can you be willing to leave?

 standing on the balcony of our cabin, you can see the sea. If it is in the early morning and dusk, you can see many kangaroos and rabbits scurrying in front of the house. It's just that they're so fast that every time I raise my camera, the timid ones disappear

It's a two minute walk from restore to blue   Hold. When I didn't catch the highest spray, I was afraid that the camera clothes would be wet.

 there are even some red stones here, but they are not as spectacular as the red stones in flame Bay, which we will go to later

I'm leaving Bicheno. Let me have another look at the turquoise sea!

 and the varied colors

Going to goblet Bay

 wineglass Bay   Bay) in Freycinet   National   Inside the park, from Bicheno   12 kilometers. The reason why jiubei Bay is so famous is that it was once rated as one of the top ten Bay in the world by a travel magazine. In fact, there is a bay on the right,   Take a closer look at the light green on the right side of the picture. Unfortunately, although we climbed to the top of the mountain, we still couldn't see the panorama.

Foreigners wear plain clothes when they climb mountains. We three flower girls dress like overturned color plates

.   It's just that mosquitoes fall in love with us. Because miss Ben is so popular with mosquitoes, she has no courage to go to the beach after climbing to the top of the mountain to worry about turning into red bean dumplings. So we went back the same way. Fortunately, by this time, the clouds had completely covered the sun. God still let us see the most beautiful wine glass Bay.

All the way down the mountain, we passed these stones

 very similar to the Grampian Mountains near Melbourne

After going down the mountain, drive straight to the famous oyster farm  -  Freycinet   Marine   Farm, in Freycinet   National   Park's main road. So, our lunch is these oysters and scallops.

Oysters in BBQ sauce and scallops in butter

3.five point three   Fire Bay  ( Bay   of   Fires)

On the way to flame Bay, the weather was cloudy and the color of the sea changed

It's a long way from goblet bay to flame Bay, but the scenery is good along the way. You can always get out of the car and let the air out

Flame Bay is not as famous as goblet Bay. It is about two hours' drive away from goblet Bay (without stopping to take photos). So many people just ignore it. But for us, it was a surprise. Miss Yaya thought that the best beach in the whole island was in the fire Bay. The fine white sand was like stepping on the flour. Of all the beaches I've been to, only long beach in the Philippines and white sand in the Caribbean can match it, or even surpass Hawaii.

The origin of the name of flame Bay is that the stones here are red, like the fire burned. At this time, the sun began to favor us,   RP is not so good! Every time we're ready to stop taking pictures, the sun comes out. But as soon as we got on the road, it was cloudy.

No one on the beach, red stone with fine white sand, like a nobody in the garden of Eden

The whole beach is just us, so we spent almost the whole afternoon concave all kinds of stinky shapes here

A leisurely afternoon

Bay   of   Fires   At the end of the road, I feel like I'm going to drive into the ocean. All the MM screamed. Only miss Ben, who is still in danger at such a moment, remembers to take photos. It's really not easy. It's a pity that it's shaken off. But when I took this picture, the car had already come down to the bottom of the slope. When I looked down at the top of the slope, it was really a sweat!

 the sun sets late in summer in Australia, usually more than eight o'clock. So we often have no concept of time, and we are very happy to be concave there. It's almost five o'clock,   Because I'm going to Launceston in the evening,   I don't dare to stay in flame bay for a long time. I'm afraid the mountain road is hard to walk at night. At the last glance of Baisha, we are going to set out again.

We brought GPS from Melbourne,   There are two ways to lonceston. I found a gas station and found out that it was a little far away, but the road was easy to drive; One is near, but it's all mountain roads. We resolutely chose the latter. When setting up GPS, I stopped in an alley at will, but unexpected scenery came into my eyes. So this is St   Helens。

It's strange why all the trees in Australia bloom and have different colors.

For the next three or four hours, we walked around the mountains almost all alone. I don't see a car for half an hour.

Our foresters finally arrived in the forest

So we walked through the forest for hours before we got to daransetron at 90 p.m

 the most interesting thing was that there was a kangaroo crossing the road on the way, so we immediately stopped the car. As a result, the kangaroo also stopped there vigilantly and did not dare to cross the road. The result is that a car of a rat confrontation for a long time, and when we start the engine, the kangaroo from the direction of a jump back. Unfortunately, it was too late to photograph the timid kangaroo.   Here I want to appeal for the small animals. Every year in Australia, many small animals are killed when crossing the road, especially kangaroos. At this time, the driver must get out of the car and move it to the side of the road. If it is a kangaroo, she must see if there is a BB in her bag,   If you're alive, take it to the vet or call the animal protection center. So when you are driving in the suburbs, you should also be alert to the little guys who suddenly come out of the roadside, especially in the early morning and evening,   Of course, be more careful at night.

It was more than nine o'clock when we got to lauceston, and B & B's host kept the door for us. It's a pity that the city is so small that the restaurants are closed. It's not easy to see a pizza shop with a light on. It's closed when you rush in and ask. Wandering around the city, I finally saw this familiar sign. At this time, I feel that Mai Ji is good!

3.five point four   Lonceston  ( Launceston)

Launceston is the second largest city in Tasmania,   Second only to Hobart. The whole city is full of the flavor of small European towns.   Having been to England and Scotland before, I fell in love with B & B. So whenever I choose between hotel and B & B, I always choose the latter.

This is B & B where we live  –  Hillview   House   B & B, built on the hillside, has a panoramic view of the mountain and the whole city, but the toilet is slightly small.

The owner of the shop made breakfast for us in the morning, English tea set, Continental   breakfast,   It's like back in Scotland

The biggest regret this time is that I didn't see the lavender garden. Two days before we arrived, lavender had just been harvested. The administrator said the best season to see lavender is in the first and middle of January. In fact, one of the most important factors for us to come to Tajima at this time is lavender. It seems that we can only wait for the next time. This is the famous lavender bear. Fortunately, I found it in other places in Australia. However, it is said that it is forbidden to bring this into China at present. Sigh

So we had to give up the original plan to shoot lavender, and we had to wander around in the morning of Launceston. And cataract, recommended to us by B & B owners   Gorge, because of the general scenery, we didn't even bother to take pictures. I really don't recommend this place to you.

It took us two hours to visit almost half of the city. The buildings in lauceston are very British.

 I put my pose there,   These two little guys broke into our camera

This is a little Greek again

This used to be a ammunition depot, and now there's the powdermill sign hanging there.

3.five point five   Heritage Avenue  ( Prestige   highway)

Because we bought our air tickets when we didn't make a strategy, it was convenient for Hobart to get in and out, thinking Hobart would go. In fact, if you don't want to go back, you can Hobart in and out of lonceston or go backwards. But we also have advantages in this way. We see a different landscape, that is heritage Avenue(   Prestige   highway).

Prestige   Highway   The scenery along the road is the home built by local residents. Creative enough!

When Tadao was first developed, this road used to be an important traffic road from north to south. So there are many ancient buildings of the last century left on this highway. My favorite one is Ross   Town is the place of Ross. There is also a famous shop hidden here, which is the prototype of Hayao Miyazaki's "the devil's house".

 it's a very quiet town. I'm the only one standing in the middle of the road

Because of this bridge, I am less interested in the old bridge in Richmond.

 this is the coffee shop that also appeared in Hayao Miyazaki comics. Our lunch is settled here. I wonder if it's because of Hayao Miyazaki that the two tables next to us are all Asian faces.

But I didn't know the origin of the shop at that time. It was this amiable old lady in traditional clothes that attracted us to sit down for dinner. The light at noon was too strong, and she was backlit, so she didn't shoot well

Windmills in Oatlands, another town on prestige Avenue

An idyllic landscape

Richmond bridge is known as the oldest stone bridge in Australia. I remember before I came to Australia, because I saw the picture of this bridge, I always remember Tasmania. However, the ancient bridge in the sun is completely devoid of the idyllic mood in Van Gogh's Postcard paintings created by excessive PS. Estimated to wait until the sunset to shoot the hazy feeling. So after taking a picture, we rushed to Hobart.

3.five point six   Hobart  ( Hobart)

Hobart, we're finally back in a circle. In Hobart, I still chose B & B, the orana   House has a long history, built in 1909. Each room was named after a member of the Pearce family at the time. Sitting on the porch, you can see Wellington hill. This is one of the few hotels in Tadao that offer free wifi.

Sitting on the porch in a daze at sunset

The interior is still in its original style

That evening we only thought the cloud was very strange, and we didn't know the reason until the next day

Hobart's sea crossing bridge, if you come from the direction of the airport, will pass this bridge

The main character of tonight's dinner is naturally seafood. In fact, it was this restaurant that we wanted to go to this evening. Unfortunately, because we didn't have a location, we went for nothing.

 later, I had to go back to the Mures I introduced earlier. Because we are going back to Melbourne tomorrow night, so we have to FB again today. Oysters and lobsters are indispensable. We have digested dozens of oysters.

I got up early in the morning and went to climb Wellington hill because the plane went back to maoben in the evening. On the way up the mountain, there were occasional no go signs, and then I smelled the burning smell, and I knew that the mountain fire had come here from Port Arthur. That's why we saw that weird cloud the day before. Fortunately, we were allowed to go to the top of the mountain. Unfortunately, the smoke blocked our desire to have a panoramic view. We can only get a misty view of Hobart,

What a pity for the beautiful scenery

But at the foot of the mountain, the air quality is good

Is this to show our sunglasses

There are only a few of us on the top of the mountain

Bonorong   Wildlife Park

Down the mountain, I'm finally going to have a close contact with the small animals. Bonorong   Safari Park, half an hour's drive from Hobart. Here I finally met the famous Tasmanian devil and wombat   I've fed kangaroos many times before, but this one is the most fun. There are kangaroos all over the place.

Look at it that despise my small eyes, small children

Cute is holding on to my hand. Licking my hand!

Look how happy the three of us are when we feed kangaroos! Our poor coachman, Porter, security guard and photographer had to keep taking pictures for us with a few cameras, even the time for feeding kangaroos was not enough, ha ha

We spent almost hours there playing with these babies

 well, let's show our poor coachman's face. Obviously, kangaroos listen to him better. Almost all kangaroos stand up when he feeds them

Look at this one and find the bright spot for yourself. Now you know where the bag is

How ecstatic their posture is

This is the famous Tasmanian devil, and the only one in the world is Tasmanian. Because the cry is very sharp and carnivorous, so the name of the devil comes from it. It has a particularly lovely habit, that is, it likes to run in circles. The zoo also built a trail for them to walk around. It ran round and round in front of us, which made me dizzy. It's not easy to take a clear picture!

The bite force is amazing

It's a kangaroo leg

 this stupid little guy is wombat, a unique animal in Australia. Because it is a nocturnal animal, it usually hides in the cave to sleep during the day and refuses to come out. How much face do we have

Back at the port again, with champagne and oysters, watching the boats come and go, I fell in love with this city called Hobart. Hobart is famous for sailing race, and it is the end of Sydney Hobart sailing race. No wonder the whole harbor is full of sailboats.

Another pity this time is that we didn't stay in Hobart on Saturday, so we missed Salamanca by the famous port   market. Every time I see the introduction of this fair, it always reminds me of Scarborough   Fair.   Those who have been to European weekend fairs should have some ideas.

Point on a bottle of champagne, accompanied by oysters squid ring, looking at the port of the ship, life should be like this

For a change of taste, we went to Mako opposite Mures,   In addition to oysters, prawns and squid rings, fish is still the most popular   and   Chips.   After all, Australia was once a British colony, and the influence of British culture is almost reflected in all aspects of food, housing and transportation.

After another round of oysters, we finally set foot on our way back to Melbourne.

Chapter 4: Great Ocean Road

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   brief introduction

Australia has three "big" scenic spots that are symbolic of the country  –  Dayang Road, the Great Barrier Reef and big rocks. Dayang road is a big city in the south of Australia-   To the west of Melbourne, you usually take Dayang road by way of Melbourne. With a total length of about 276 kilometers, Dayang road is dug between the cliffs to commemorate the soldiers who died in the first World War in Australia. The reason why Dayang road is so famous is that this provincial highway has been rated as the most beautiful coastal highway in the world for countless times, which attracts tourists from all over the world. In addition to the excellent coastal scenery, this seaside road is winding and beautiful. All the way through the wind erosion of the original beach, picturesque seaside town, the traditional whaling harbor and dense rainforest, your eyes will be dazzled.

After the end of the first World War, about 50000 Australian soldiers returned from England. Since it was during the great depression in the 1930s, Australia's economy was in recession, and the unemployment rate rose again, so in order to solve the employment problem of these soldiers, and also to commemorate those soldiers who died, the government arranged for these returned soldiers to open up wasteland and build roads. Since then, we have the beautiful scenery of Dayang road that we are lucky to see today. In 1932, a 180 km long coastal road from Geelong to Port Campbell was officially opened. Then the local government slowly extended Dayang road to today's Dayang Road, which starts from Jilang and ends in Portland.

Because "the first World War" is called "great" in English   War  ”, The road was built by the soldiers who participated in the first World War, so it was officially named "great"   Ocean   Road”  , This is the name of Dayang road.

And miss Yaya, I finally finished the whole journey through four trips to Dayang Road, and even found some towns and scenic spots that I didn't even introduce to LP.

4.two   Subsection analysis

In addition to the twelve disciples, Dayang road will pass many distinctive seaside towns along the way. Because there are many scenic spots along the road and the distance is relatively long, it can be roughly divided into three main sections.

Three sections of Dayang Road: the total length is about 400 kilometers

1.  Start: Melbourne to girang (about 74 km)

2.  Section 1: Jilang to Apollo Bay  ( About 113   Km)

This section is mainly surf beach, all the way along the coast

3.  Second section: Apollo Bay to Campbell port (about 120 km)

This section has a rainforest, will go to the Olympic Park, and then arrive at the classic twelve apostles scenic spot, which is also the essence of the whole Great Ocean Road.

4.  Section 3: Port Campbell to Portland  ( About 183 km)

This section is mostly a whaling town in the past. Now humpback whales still come here every winter

5.  The fourth segment: extended segment

This period is not very famous, but the owner happened to find a petrified forest, even Google   I can't find one on the map, either

The whole journey of Dayang Road

Let's first have a concept of the three segment route. Next, I will explain in detail how to arrange the itinerary according to different times (1-4 days).

第一段: Geelong to Apollo bay

第二段:Apollo bay to Port Campbell

 third paragraph: Port   Campbell   to   Portland

4.3   scheduling

Due to their own time constraints, the number of days each person spends on Dayang road is different, ranging from one day to three days, but it takes four to five days to complete the whole journey. Next, please listen to me tell you how to reasonably allocate your time and route.

4.three point one   Suggested itinerary

1) Day 1:

Starting from Melbourne, I went to Geelong for lunch and took photos, and then went to angelsea's golf course to see kangaroos. Unfortunately, only members can enter now, unlike when I went there for the first time. And then in Lorne, if you like to climb mountains, there is a small waterfall here. The final arrival is at Apollo   Bay's hotel.

2) The next day:

Go to Cape first   OTWAY,   The tour group will not take this place because they have to buy tickets. But every time I come, I take my friends there. In addition to the most beautiful lighthouse on Dayang Road, another important reason is that you can see koalas on the auxiliary road to Otway. Koalas are often gray. It's my first time to play by myself. I found it by accident. I wonder why all travel magazines don't tell you about this big tip. After Otway came out, he returned to Dayang road and went to the twelve disciples. There are several scenic spots of the twelve disciples, but they are all free. As long as you have time and physical strength, you can visit them. In two days, we can start in the afternoon and go back to Melbourne by high speed.

3) Day 3: if you stayed in Campbell harbor the night before, you can see the sunrise on Dayang road. If you have time, you can go to wananbull and go back to Melbourne.

4.three point two   Travel at different times

1) One day itinerary:

This is suitable for friends who are short of time and don't want to spend the night on Dayang road and can go back and forth on the same day. The advantage of this kind of trip is that the bus will start from Melbourne and take you to some of the most important scenic spots along the way, and the cost will be less.

If you come from December to February, you can also watch the sunset on Dayang road LV = 11504 (including the Otway lighthouse that the landlord likes very much. You can see koalas along the road) lv=11504  ( This is a Chinese group. It's very suitable for playing with old people and children LV = 11504 (one day at Dayang Road, one day at geese Island) lv=11504  (  Dayang road + Kee Island + hot air balloon)

2) Two day itinerary:

Because of Apollo   Bay is just between the twelve disciples and Geelong. There are many hotels, so if the two-day trip starts from Melbourne in the morning, we usually stay at Apollo in the evening   Bay (just in the middle of Dayang Road). The next day, after watching the twelve disciples, he returned to Melbourne. Most of the candidates are on this route.

3) Three day itinerary:

You can choose to stay in Lorne for the first night   Or Apollo Bay   BAY),   The second night I stayed at port   CAMPBELL).   It's usually after visiting port   Campbell went home. You don't have to take Dayang road to go back to the city. You can go back to Melbourne by high speed. It's usually three or four hours.

4) Four or five day itinerary:

In fact, the so-called ocean road is not over, and then there are warnambool and Portland   This route can watch whales, mostly in coastal towns. You can live in Warrnambool or port   Fairy),   Then play Cape   Bridgewater back to Melbourne (about four to five hours by car).

4.4   Tour tips

1.  You can stay at least two to three days to visit Dayang Road, so that you won't miss many beautiful scenic spots. If it's a two-day trip, it's recommended to stay in Ron or Apollo Bay. If it's a three-day trip, you can stay in Campbell harbor for another night.

2.  If you can drive by yourself, self driving is highly recommended. Most of the time, this route runs along the coastline. The road condition is also good. It's a paradise for self driving!

3.  The twelve disciples are most beautiful at sunset, and most of the photos are backlit during the day

4.  Return, in order to save time, you can directly take the high speed back to Melbourne.

5.  If you are really a limited time tourist, you can sign up for a one-day tour group. On the same day, you can mainly go back and forth to the scenic spots near the twelve disciples. At noon, you usually stop at Apollo Bay for a rest.

6.  Australia drives left, so for the sake of safety, domestic drivers need to adapt to left-hand drive and get familiar with the local traffic signs before going on the road. Especially in Otway National Park, there are many bends in the rainforest

7.  It's windy on Dayang road. Even in summer, it will be cold at night. It's particularly important to bring a windbreaker. If it is sunny during the day, it will be very dry. Please do a good job in sunscreen. The landlord once saw that it was cloudy in the morning and I didn't apply sunscreen. As a result, the sun came out in the afternoon, and then the next day my hands turned into braised pork.

8.  If you want to visit the twelve disciples scenic spot, there are still many ways to go, so you must wear a pair of comfortable shoes. Don't wear shoes with high heels and broad soles

9.  Try to avoid winter, although the price of accommodation is cheap, but the seaside is really cold, the wind is like a knife, and the probability of rain is high. Unlike summer, it's sunny most of the time.

10.  If you go to keee island from Dayang Road, you don't need to go back to Melbourne. You can get on the boat at Queenscliff near Geelong, take a direct ride to Mornington Island, and then drive to keee island.

4.5   Accommodation arrangement

About Apollo   There are really many choices in Bay's accommodation. Everyone can get what they want.

I have lived in three different types:

The first time was a motel. I forgot the name. There is a kitchen, you can cook by yourself, and you can park a RV outside

The second was a hotel apartment called captain's   at   the   bay,   The room facilities are excellent. You can choose two bedrooms and one living room or one bedroom and one living room, but there is no kitchen. But it's a little bit too narrow.

The third time is this seaside cabin, seafarer's   getaway,   The facilities are a bit old, so the score is not as good as captain's   at   the   bay。 But it's absolutely first-class. And alpacas often come around for a walk.

Besides, I forgot to take photos of my stay in Campbell harbor. There's a lot of B & B in wananpur,   This is an old house I lived in

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