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May 10,2021

The first step of going out: purifying the mind (Pokhara, Nepal)

by Bin Xu

Published at 00:05, January 9, 2014

I've been longing to go abroad for a long time. Maybe I don't have the courage and opportunity. My dream can't be put into action all the time. I'm a guy with a lot of ideas, and I can't hold back my hesitation - I want to go out!

So with excitement and curiosity, plus caution, I chose a relatively easy but not so popular place (I don't like to follow the trend, I only identify what I like), pure place, Nepal, which has the highest happiness index in the world. In fact, since the day I came back, I have been immersed in the state of happiness and freedom, and I have been ready to move about travel notes. However, due to my busy work at the end of the year, I have not been able to finish writing. Now it seems that I can only be regarded as a Memoir (I don't remember many prices and names) ~ there is so much nonsense, and I start to get to the point (again, I don't have enough experience and understanding on my first long journey, I only want to share my personal feelings. I hope you can communicate more. Because I'm not a professional photographer, I use a digital camera plus Apple 5. If the picture quality is not good, please include more ~)!

Our group of 6 people are free combination self-help tour. Although I have no experience, I have done enough homework before traveling. All the itineraries of my trip to Nepal are made by myself (ha ha ~ I'm a little proud).

Time: September 17 to October 6, 2013, including September 18 to 25 in Tibet (travel notes are free to write), September 26 to October 5 in Nepal.

Location: Kathmandu, bocala (the previous itinerary was lambini, which was changed halfway. As for Qi Dawang, my consideration is that Qi Dawang's National Park is riding elephants, watching hippos, crocodiles, etc. I'm afraid I have a chance to go to India, so I repeat ~ ha ha).

Currency: the currency of Nepal is rupee, 1 RMB = 16-17rb.

first day:

We enter Nepal from Zhangmu port (the scene is not described much, as shown in the picture), there will be a lot of "enthusiastic" people to welcome and solicit visitors. In my opinion, in addition to looking after their luggage, there is no need to panic. They are still very responsible in business. They will help you handle the local phone card and arrange the car. Of course, we must remember that we must bargain when spending money in Nepal( Although I'm not very good at chopping,

Seven of us (later a Beijing girl carpooled) chartered a car for a total of 3500 rupees. We have to say that Nepal is really backward. The mountain road is winding and bumpy, and there are eight drivers in the car. It took us more than 160 kilometers to gadu, and we bumped for four hours. Fortunately, I was very excited. After eating any meal on the road, Nepal fried rice came to gadu. My first impression was poor, shabby brick houses, dusty buildings and so on Chaotic traffic, simple means of transportation... And there are quite a lot of motorcycles here. It doesn't matter ~ what I like is to feel the most real life.

The car took us to the most prosperous Tamil district. It was very "prosperous" and full of people. It was a backpacker's paradise. All kinds of inns and hotels were all over the block, and there were all kinds of temples and altars and "baths".

We stayed in the family home we had previously reserved. It's hard to find it in the alleys. But ask the Nepalese nearby, they all know about it. Right! After entering Nepal, I need to communicate in English. As the only one in our team who knows how to shoot foreign guns, I will not give up. Although my English is not good, there is no problem in basic communication (even I didn't expect it, I am proud again ~ ha ha). The hotel is very simple but comfortable. It costs 1500 RB a night. When we were preparing to pay for it happily, something depressing happened. A girl from Beijing who was with us asked for a room temporarily, but she only charged her 1200 RB. What she wanted was the top floor. Later, she found that the top floor was the best choice for staying in a hotel in katu or Nepal! It's either a garden or a restaurant · (so I'm determined to find a house and have a heart on the top of the building in the later journey). In the later journey, due to the similar reasons, this Beijing girl can always meet, good ~ ha ha

Nepal's key rings are all related to fish. My analysis is that yuweifeng bar has contact information and address on it. Friends who like it can book by themselves. The picture below shows the restaurant on the top floor of the hotel.

It was afternoon when I put down my luggage, so I walked around and looked for food. Because I was the only one who could communicate in English, the local friends they contacted before only negotiated with me. Slowly, we became friends. I forgot his name and temporarily called him Nigo, He also has a younger sister, who takes us around to take care of food~

Upstairs is their office. It's like the fourth floor~

It's said that the juice of Nepal is very pure and natural without preservatives, so people drink it like they can get something back···

We invite Ni Mei to dinner. Suddenly there is a power failure. Suddenly it's romantic. Nepal is really economical~

After dinner, everyone else went shopping. I went to Nigo to discuss the arrangement of going to Boca tomorrow. Finally, I bought a plane to fly Boca tomorrow morning. I was very excited to take a picture with them, because I wanted to make these friends so much. Ha ha, I spent the first day in a foreign country smoothly.

the second day:

Since the plane is more than 10 o'clock, we don't have to worry (self-service tour is really more comfortable than group tour, the time is arranged by ourselves, and there is no need to be urged). I was the last one to go to the restaurant on the roof, only recognizing part of the menu, so I just ordered a little to enjoy the morning sunshine~

Simple breakfast~

Nigo had been waiting for us at the door of the hotel early. We didn't know the way to the airport, so we rented their car. He came to see us off. By the way, he didn't remember my name, so he always called me brother, brother, ha ha.

When you get to the airport, you have to rely on yourself. Nepal is very backward. Although it is the capital, the airport is very small. It feels like a passenger station. Many people will come around to help you with your luggage and directions. We know that it's a tip, and it gives people a sense of insecurity. This is a man wearing a hat coming out of the airport, He showed something similar to the work card on his chest. I think he should be a special guide staff of the airport, so he went with him. He was very patient and polite. He took the initiative to help carry the luggage and go through the security procedures. As soon as I saw a warm-hearted person, I would be happy and wanted to make a friend again. He also took the initiative to quietly give him 50rb. I was very proud at that time.

When everything was ready to enter the waiting room, the depressing thing happened again. He led the other team members into the waiting room first, stopped me at the stairway and reached out to count the money. Although his eyes were as sincere as his eyes, I didn't want to. I thought I really met living Lei Feng. It was the most important mood to travel. After all, people also contributed, But I gave him 10RMB, and he didn't give up. I pretended that I didn't have it, so he took me in. Oh, calm down. By the way, this little red riding hood also provided a very useful information. Because there was no seat number on the ticket, he advised me to sit in the right window of the plane, Because on the way to bocala, you will see the snowy mountains of the Himalayas on the right side. Alas, it was cloudy that day, and the snowy mountains covered it.

As the plane was late, I wandered around idly while waiting for the plane. I found a row of flight attendants sitting on the edge row of seats. Because of my poor eyesight, my first feeling was that there were a group of beautiful women there. After repeated hesitation, I bravely went forward and asked, "can I take a picture with you?"? Because you are so beautiful "they are very willing to accept ~ ha ha, so they feel a bit. At this time, the most interesting scene happened. When I sat down, I saw all kinds of foreign men who had been sitting quietly quickly turned around and squatted down, and began to brush and shoot. I thought, these foreigners have been salivating for a long time, but they don't have the courage of Chinese people. After I finished shooting with satisfaction, I left, and those foreigners flocked up to grab seats. Ah, I enjoyed myself in the flowers and found that the overall quality of Chinese flight attendants was really high!

When I entered the airport, I found that our plane was so small, at least it was the smallest one I had ever sat on. It was a kind of surprise. In fact, it did have an extraordinary experience!

There are only 20 people on this plane and the pilot. Although it's not as spacious as a big plane, it's more like sightseeing. It's a pity that I didn't see the snow mountain, but I ran into "Liu Ye" ~ ha ha

What I mean by the extraordinary experience is that the fluctuation of a small plane when encountering the airflow is very obvious, which is faster than that of a large plane. There is a feeling of riding a roller coaster (although I haven't sat ~), so all the women in the first plane are crying and howling, and I'm scared to death, but I calmly say, "this is the special service of the captain, and the more you enjoy him, the more proud he is.", We survived in just a few minutes, and I'm still very happy to have such an experience.

After getting off the plane, we passed a spacious and simple room and then left the airport? I haven't slowed down. This airport is the size of a bus stop at most. Then we took a taxi to Yuwei villa, which is said to be the best hotel in the area. The total fare is 300rb.

We started our trip to Pokhara. Before we got to the hotel, we make complaints about how expensive this hotel is. It's 125 dollars per person per day, and it's still a discount price. Let's see.

When we came to a sign printed with fish tail Lodge, we saw only a small river. The driver said that you had arrived. We were wondering where the hotel was. Five or six people came up from under the steps and said that they were from the opposite bank. Our hotel just depended on this ferry.

Only when I got to the other side of the lake did I know that the island was originally owned by hotels. The reason why it was so expensive was that the environment was beautiful, spacious and comfortable. It was close to Lake Fava, and the famous fishtail peak was in the distance of the lake. It could be said that the geographical environment was quite superior, the hotel facilities were good, and the surroundings were natural and beautiful. It was quite suitable for the honeymoon love of little lovers~

This hotel is close to mountains and rivers. It's a good resort~

Bocala is a sunny place for leisure, tourism and vacation~

The hotel is like a garden ~ at least I think it is~

When you come to the reception reception room, you can draw a red mark on each guest's head to represent blessing and auspiciousness. Of course, there is a glass of iced orange juice to bring cool to the heat~

After getting the key, I can't wait to see what the rooms in this beautiful hotel look like. As expected, it didn't disappoint me. Unlike other star hotels, the rooms here stress nature, ease and tranquility... All the beautiful feelings, just like the habitun with underground cave that I most yearn for. There are flower beds in front of the window, leisure tables and chairs, I'm so happy with all the flowers and plants around me! Push open the screen door, a simple but not simple room, the most eye-catching is the "Kang" in front of the window, sitting on it, drinking a small pot of tea, listening to the birds outside the window, enjoying the flowers and plants around. This kind of life is what I have been longing for( Note: WiFi is charged

After a quick bath, I changed into the local clothes I bought in Kathmandu. I want to integrate here! By the way, I went to the neighborhood. Although it was so beautiful that I couldn't bear to leave, the high cost made us decide to go out and look for tomorrow's "home".

Successful change! I was wearing them for the next few days···

Uncle rowing, when a few people cross the river by rowing( Free crossing)

Because it's a self-service tour, not limited by the schedule and time, our party is usually scattered, but when it's time to eat, we will meet and have dinner together. One night, we tried a Chinese restaurant, which was recommended on the Internet. It's not difficult to find. There are many people (many Chinese compatriots), and the boss is Chinese, although the taste is average, But for friends who have eaten Western food for a few days, it is still very attractive.

After dinner, I took my partner to look for the "flying" company. I started from the hotel and walked to the busy street. The first "flying" company I met seemed more professional, so I went in to negotiate the price. Because I didn't know the market, but I couldn't hide my desire to fly, I agreed to order a paraglider flight, including photography and video, for a total of 7500rb. My partner felt that it was expensive, so I planned to look elsewhere, But I've always been keen on special experiences, so I accepted them. Below is the roof of the hall.

But the depressing thing happened again. After the order, we continued to move forward. When I was still proud of "buying" the flight ticket, various small "flying" companies appeared one after another. After asking with an understanding attitude, the same or better treatment only needed 4500rb. My heart was suddenly cold, and my colleagues were very proud. After making repeated choices, they ordered a 4500rb company, My companion advised me to refund the ticket, but I couldn't get in the way of face, but I was depressed and unhappy. With many questions, I decided to go back to bargain!

This guy's name is Ko. He is a very naughty guy, or a very sullen person (hehe, I like him). He is the front desk responsible for handling orders. After seeing me go back to negotiate prices, he was a little impatient at first, but I was very impatient to grind with him. I asked, "other companies only charge 4500rb, why do you charge 7500rb? Give me three reasons! " He said: "1. Our company is an old company, which has been in business for eight years. Other companies have been in business for the last year or two because of the popularity of this industry; 2. We have experienced coaches from all over the world. Most of the other companies are local; 3. We have a coach who can speak Chinese. "After that, he was very proud. Later, it turned out that everything was true and worth having! I was very satisfied with the answer, but continued to tease him, "I am the only one in our team who can speak some English. Now my partner has found a coach who can't speak Chinese. Instead, I need a Chinese speaker?" Ko listened and kept laughing, since then we have become good friends. The price has been changed to 6500rb, the day after tomorrow morning. As long as it's down, I'll be happy. After all, my company is higher than others~

I'm looking forward to returning to the hotel. As I have to check out at noon the next day, I'd like to go back to experience it!

I feel very happy just lying here playing games~

on the third day:

Considering that we only have half a day to enjoy this, we decided not to leave here all morning to experience the unique scenery.

It's cool in the morning and the sun is still behind the clouds

I have a pool behind my room~

Breakfast is included. I'm really the latest one to arrive. It's very in line with my rhythm. Ha ha, out of the window is Lake Fava, in the snow mountains and clouds in the distance.

After breakfast, we came to the lakeside dining table to take a group photo. The biggest advantage of this hotel is that it has a great perspective, an open atmosphere and a panoramic view.

Do Nepalese students know what I'm expressing?

The sun gradually smiles and looks up at the clear sky. The quiet and comfortable environment makes people lazy. I walk alone in this garden to enjoy the scenery.

There are already many friends who are also interested in nature boating on Lake Fava. The snow mountains in the distance are shy~

Not far away grandmother (foreign mother-in-law) leisurely looking at the newspaper sent by the hotel.

I really want to live here all the time. It's really relaxing. I even talked with the birds on the branches. It's beautiful~

I still want to leave here, the unforgettable Yuwei villa. The longer I stay, the more beautiful I feel. Because I found a good home yesterday, I have nothing to do today. After lunch, I plan to visit the old town of bocala.

The overall feeling is still backward. It's about our level in the 1980s. The power poles are crisscross, the streets are chaotic, and the crowd is bustling. I wanted to better integrate into the Nepalese people, but I didn't want to become more different. Ha ha ~ I like it~

After shopping, I came to our new home. The boss was very nice. I asked for a big bed room through negotiation! It's only 400rb. There's no pressure to live in it. (most hotels and guesthouses in bocala are villa style. The rooms are simple and comfortable. The key is to ensure the power supply and heating water. There's also free WiFi, and the price is generally 20-50rmb a day).

The landlady is very kind to me. She always wants to make breakfast for us, but because we are always lazy, we can't help her. Ha ha

With the help of the landlady, we ordered a car to the top of the mountain tomorrow. Let's see if the RP can see the beautiful sunshine and Jinding, and then there will be wonderful gliding. Tomorrow is really full of expectation. Wash and go to sleep~

the forth day:

In order to enjoy the sunrise in time, we went up the mountain by car at 4 o'clock. Let's charter a 500rb bus. We didn't sleep enough. Soon we got to the top of the mountain, and the car was full. Under the guidance of the driver, we found a wonderful place to sit down and wait quietly.

Yuwei peak is quietly waiting for the first ray of sunshine in the morning~

Red sky ~ white fish maw~

Tianshe village snow mountain gradually clear up ~ good clean and peaceful picture~

The sun rises, the sun blows away the clouds, we are ready to be lucky, ha ha

The sun shines on me and Yuwei peak~

This feeling is really wonderful ~ the majestic snow mountain seems to wake up, the clouds quickly dispersed, so spectacular!

Friends who fly to the snow mountain for the first time must see beautiful scenery~

Beautiful ~ we are so lucky ~ God bless us ~ it's no waste that we get up early ~ quite satisfied!

And the Indian family photo ~ we are very happy.

Then we went down the mountain for breakfast, and we were ready to go up the mountain again. To tell you the truth, after watching the sunrise of Yuwei peak, you can't imagine how happy it is to soar in such a sky. At this time, I am very excited. Because they were not in the same company, they went up first. While I was waiting alone in the company, I talked with Ko about how wonderful the sunrise was in the morning, and also about women. Ha ha, finally the car came up the mountain. When I watched them busy preparing, I realized that it was a very serious activity. I couldn't make any mistakes. I suddenly felt nervous, After all, I'm afraid of heights···

God may have seen my nervousness and hesitation. Just one minute before my companion was ready to take off, a gust of wind blew the thick clouds. The coach immediately stopped, observed the situation and ordered again. Finally, due to the thick fog, he cancelled the day's journey. It turns out that it's right to make a quick decision. Later, I heard that several people who just flew down fell into the lake because they couldn't identify the direction in the fog. The equipment was damaged, and the beauty's thighs were scratched by weeds. Fortunately, no one was killed.

On the way back to the company, I'm a little thankful. At the same time, I constantly cheer myself up and make a decision to fly! Maybe it's because I relaxed a lot. I talked with the coaches around me all the way back, especially the Russian handsome guy (I forgot his name again, just Russian guy). He can speak Chinese, introduce me a lot about them, tell me who they are, and some Chinese friends he knows.

After I came back, I proposed to take a picture with all the international handsome guys. They were also very happy. Oh, foreigners are still handsome. Sorry for the motherland, they didn't win honor for the motherland···

Friends who have seen "waiting for the wind" are familiar with the handsome guy on the far right? Haha ~ he seems to be Czech, with his lens. Red clothes are Spanish, and what impresses me most is his eyes. I always feel that his eyes are strange when he looks at me, and I can't say it again... Paomiantou is Venezuelan, and he and Spanish are the most active and enthusiastic countries. When I'm waiting for news, He ran to me and pulled me to weigh myself... As a result, I was as heavy as him. I felt that his muscles were obviously stronger than mine, so my weight was not, ah... Green clothes seemed to be Slovak, the least talkative person, as well as a local strong man, very dark and a female trainer, who later became my coach. I expressed my attitude that I must fly, so my team and I cancelled the plan to visit the birthplace of Sakyamuni in lambini tomorrow, because I must fly! But because of his professional and friend attitude, he is not sure that tomorrow will be OK. It depends on the weather tomorrow. In my opinion, that's the time to see my RP!

The Fifth Day:

Some team members who didn't plan to fly had already returned to Kathmandu. Brother Liu and I stayed and insisted on our dream and the original company. Today, the weather was still not optimistic. It rained in the early morning. The boss's wife was worried about me. When the time of reservation arrived, I was bored waiting to chat with Ko again. I always teased him and told him to come to China, I'll introduce Chinese beauties to him. Haha, he's so excited. Finally, the first team came back with good news. They flew! This means that we can fly in the current weather conditions. Besides, I believe the weather will be better as the sun gradually rises!

Along the way, I was still very nervous, worried that the umbrella could not carry my weight, so I asked the Czech handsome man to take me to fly. He promised me well, and changed his mind when I got to the top of the mountain. Unexpectedly, he arranged the only female coach in the team to take me. I was immediately frustrated“ No, I'm very happy ~ "the reason for choosing her is that gliding needs run-up, but it's not convenient for her to run in sandals today, and I seem to be able to drive her more. I accept this reason, and who doesn't want to fly with beautiful women? Ha ha, I'm glad to accept it! So run up and take off!

I'm so nervous. I'm holding the rope tightly.

Beauty let me relax, lean back, what soft ~? ha-ha

We talked and laughed in the sky. I asked her how long she could fly in the sky? She said she could fly for a day with enough food~

The rule is to fly for 30 minutes, but we've been flying for a long time. She's good at technology. She's hovering at a height earlier or later than us. I really feel the freedom of birds in the air. It seems that everything slows down and stops in the air. I can even touch the flying birds. Only you can know this experience.

Safe landing ~ I don't seem to adapt to the feeling of walking, anyway, the result is very satisfactory~

We are so sweet ~ ha ha

On the lake beside the landing area, fishermen were fishing. A ray of sunshine penetrated through the thick clouds and shone into my heart like holy light. It was warm. After that, all the coaches of the company landed one after another. After seeing my satisfied expression, they all came forward to celebrate with me and congratulated me on my successful flight, My persistence finally brought wonderful friendship and happiness.

I had a perfect trip to bocala, but brother Liu was miserable. His company cancelled the flight due to fear of the weather. He was quite helpless. In order to comfort him, we decided to have a drink in the evening!

The bar street in Bokhara is very busy. There are many bars or restaurants with unique styles. We had to go back and forth for several times, but we couldn't decide. Finally, we came to this Indian bar~

There are not many people. I have free billiards to play. I'm a layman. After drinking, I have the courage to compete with brother Liu for a few sets···

Brother Liu and I are very good at drinking. Happiness is the most important thing. We only have two bottles each. He said that we should go back to sleep, and I want to walk again. In this way, I don't know which restaurant I went to and sat down. I fell asleep··· It was 2:30 when I woke up. There was no one in the street. It was dark. It was so far away that I had a street lamp. Fortunately, I remember the way home. It was cold at night. I was running with a big stride. I always felt that there was something behind me. I was really scared at that time. After running for more than ten minutes, I finally came to the gate of the compound and found that the door was locked! I was worried that shouting would disturb people nearby to have a rest, but I was worried. At this time, a great nation appeared, that is, the Chinese people! I saw him staggering towards me. He probably drank too much. After learning that I was locked outside, he yelled in his voice without saying a word: open the door, open the door ~ I was speechless... Sure enough, the doorman immediately got up to open the door. Although the way was very fierce, the effect was very obvious. He quickly thanks. After a few greetings, he ran to me with a proud look, As if to say: abroad, there will be Chinese support for you! So satisfied with the end of a happy and exciting bocala journey.

Note: if friends who go to bocala want to play paragliding, I recommend that I choose this one. Its name is not clear (it seems to be called blue sky paragliding). It is the most professional one in the local area. The coaches are all outdoor enthusiasts from different countries and handsome guys from different countries. Ha ha, although the price is a little higher, it is worth having. If I take a picture with them, Can have a discount Oh ~ price with a call PK handsome man agreed immediately ~ wish you a happy journey!

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  • May 10,2021

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