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August 18,2021

In those years, the pursuit of spring on the road (2012 national day, Melbourne + Hamilton Island + Dayang Road)

by Bin Xu

Days: 11 days

Time: September

With whom: Lovers

Play: free travel, self driving, petty bourgeoisie, photography, humanities, food, shopping, seaside

The author went to these places


hamilton island

Great Ocean Road

Whitsunday Apartments

Great Ocean Road

Collins Street

Federation Square


Discovery Hotel

Victoria Art Center

Melbourne Cricket court

melbourne museum

University of Melbourne

Yala River

crown entertainment complex

War Memorial

Royal Botanic Gardens

St.Paul's Cathedral


Royal Arcade

Block Arcade

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Published on February 27, 2014 16:18

(Introduction) looking back, I have walked through many places and seen many scenery intermittently for many years; Looking back to those years, I left many good times on the road

On the Road II -- pursuing the steps of spring (National Day 2012, Melbourne + Hamilton Island + Dayang Road)

PS: this travel notes belongs to the nature of recollection. Please understand the inaccuracy of some information

I went to New Zealand in the cold winter at the beginning of 2012 to experience the summer in the southern hemisphere. I went to Australia in the early autumn of the end of 2012 to trace the footprints of spring. I don't know when I fell in love with Oceania. There are warm and hospitable people, pure blue sky, bright and warm sunshine, fresh leaves and earthy smell in the air... Escaping from the gray, cold city, entering nature, deeply breathing, and naturally extending naturally, refreshed and refreshed.

My 2012 is destined to belong to Oceania!

1、 Itinerary

D1:09.28 Chengdu Kuala Lumpur D7 327 23:55 - (+ 1) 04:35

D2:09.29 Kuala Lumpur Melbourne D7 214 21:55 - (+ 1) 07:55

D3: 09.30 Melbourne

D4:10.01 Melbourne Hamilton jq860 7:00-9:55

D5: 10.02 Hamilton Island

D6: 10.03 Hamilton Island

D7:10.04 Hamilton Island Melbourne jq863 10:25-13:20 Melbourne Lorne

D8: 10.05 port Lorne Campbell

D9: 10.06 Port Campbell - Melbourne

D10:10.07 Melbourne

D11:10.08 Melbourne Kuala Lumpur D7 213 01:45-07:00

Kuala Lumpur Chengdu D7 326 18:00-22:40

The original plan was to drive Dayang road westward from Melbourne to Adelaide and Kangaroo Island in South Australia, but I can't put the Great Barrier Reef, the heart-shaped reef and the beautiful white paradise beach! I can't remember where to look: Australia's most famous "big three" - the Great Barrier Reef, Dayang road and boulder. Wululu, a big stone in the middle of China, is doomed to have no time to go. After many entanglements and hesitations, he finally made such a plan.

2、 At the end of 2011, I chose Kuala Lumpur as usual to transit. In the previous travel notes, it is also said that Chengdu is the best choice to go south all the way out of the country. Although Air Asia is not a low-cost airline in Chengdu, and its popularity makes Chengdu's outbound price soar at a rocket like speed, it still has obvious price advantages compared with other airlines, especially the departure flight from Kuala Lumpur. This trip took advantage of the rare Mid Autumn Festival and national day together with the eight day holiday, and then asked for another day of annual leave, which made our 10 day trip. Because of this, I began to pay attention to the price of 9.28 Chengdu departure very early last year, but there was no discount at all. No matter what big promotion, I didn't have any share. After many times of entanglement, I worried that I could not even get the normal price. I finally won the Chengdu Kuala Lumpur round trip (one economy class + one luxury class) at the price of 3300 RMB / person. In the following year, I watched the price rise rapidly at the same time, until the economy class price rose to 2000 + and the luxury class price rose to 3000 +. My heart was filled with all kinds of happiness, all kinds of satisfaction and all kinds of fun. Hahaha - besides, the most proud Kuala Lumpur Melbourne round trip section was completed during the promotion period. At that time, the one-way price excluding tax was about $48, so I won decisively, Tax is more expensive than air tickets. In the end, the average person including tax is 1600 yuan( The only regret is that if Kuala Lumpur's return to Chengdu luxury class is a journey of nearly nine hours, it's really a dream to laugh. Gaga: D) finally, it's the domestic segment in Australia. The high price level in Australia has been reflected in the tickets from the beginning. After waiting for several months, I still can't wait, At last, we start with $109 and $199 respectively, and go back and forth from Melbourne to Hamilton Island. To sum up, the six round-trip flights from Chengdu to Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne to Hamilton cost 7400 yuan per capita. To be clear, this price is not cabbage, but it is within the range of personal psychological tolerance. After all, my vacation requirements are basically during the big vacation in China, which is known to all people on earth. Now when it comes to this time, there is basically no discount on the air tickets of all countries, so it's better to go abroad than to see a sea of people at home. PS: Air Asia website: This is the airline that I choose more in recent years. I usually pay more attention to the official microblog of air asia home. The common low-cost airlines in Australia are usually operated by quntas, Jetstar and tiger. I started with the website Search comparison, and then finally choose the Jetstar and go to the official website to book.

(2) In the visa section, we have the experience of self-help in the whole process of getting visa for the whole family in New Zealand last year. After full and careful preparation, all the travelers have successfully obtained multiple round-trip visa in Australia in one year without power dispatching. You can first visit the official website of the Australian immigration service to download the relevant forms. In general, you can apply for 676 types of visa, fill in form 48r CHS and form 54 respectively, and prepare the information according to the list. Both forms 48 and 54 are explained in Chinese, which is very convenient to fill in. Visa related information links are as follows: At the same time, it also provided a list of supplementary materials prepared by itself: supplementary documents list for visitor visa application 1, and a copy of postal remittance receipt

Copy of money order receipt2, personal information 2.1 copy of employee's card (1) 2.2 copy of marriage license (1) 3 Other financial certification 3.1 copies of the certificate of house property 3.2 copies of the vehicle license of the people's Republic of China 3.3 copies of the certificate of individual income tax payment (1) 4. Other for travel

4.1行程单1份Travel Itinerary to Australia(1)2机票确认单(3)A round-trip air ticket orders (Chengdu- Kuala Lumpur –Melbourne)(2)Australia Domestic air ticket orders (Melbourne---Hamilton Island---Melbourne(1)3 澳大利亚酒店确认单Copies of Hotel Reservation Confirmation4 租车复印件Copy of Rental Car’s Confirmation

(3) Traffic in order to play Dayang road better and more easily, we arranged a three-day self driving. There are many car rental companies in Australia. You can choose according to your needs. Some companies are cheaper, but they don't have all risks insurance. The car condition may be poor or old. In consideration of safety first every time I go out, I choose a big company like hertz. First, his car is in better condition and relatively new; Secondly, it can provide the protection of maximum cover, which is totally to buy with money. CMB, CCB card can enjoy a 10% discount on rent. We rent a seven seater Kia carnival, which is more comfortable and comfortable than the Toyota previa we rent in New Zealand. After a $85.5/day of daily rent discount, we added various kinds of insurance at the counter (mainly maximum cover, a $39.09/day), which made us have no worries in the later journey. In addition, we added two drivers, a $5 / day / person, and some other location fees, for a total of 4 days, a $769.08. I find that the location fee is usually a little higher when picking up a car at the airport. 19% at Melbourne Airport_ T。。 In addition, if you rent Hertz's car, you can use them to translate your driver's license in China, and the cost will be cheaper than notarization, 150 yuan per person (because the cost and price of notarization are very chaotic). You can rent your car from other places in the world with Hertz within the validity period of your driver's license. I think this is better and more convenient. , send the driver's license information to this email, they will translate it, express it back, and pay on delivery. Provide several car rental websites to you: Avis




This trip accompanied us to gallop 800 kilometers of chariots.

By the way, we usually choose a self-service oil gun marked with Unlead (of course, if you rent a luxury car such as Mercedes Benz and BMW, you need to add premium Unlead, ha ha) and then go to a small supermarket and tell the staff what number of guns is OK. The oil price is indeed the most expensive in Campbell port as mentioned by some predecessors, a $1.57/l. Almost anywhere else, a $1.47 per liter. We refilled two times in the middle, one at Campbell harbor, 555 ~ (no plan, we had to refill there), then we drove back to the airport and needed to return the car with a full tank. We refilled one at BP next to McDonalds【 Tips] Coles supermarket and Woolworth supermarket are the two largest supermarket chains in Australia. Remember to keep the cash registers of these two supermarkets. Sometimes you can get 4 cents cheaper per liter of gas at the gas station.

(4) Accommodation every time I go out to travel, accommodation belongs to the project I focus on, sleep well and have a good rest to have plenty of energy to enjoy the journey. So every time before going out, we always compare in many ways, not for the most economical, not for the most luxurious, and pay attention to the cost performance. This reservation is no exception. First, choose the hotel from booking, Agoda and hotels, and then make the final decision after understanding the guest comments on the website and comparing the geographical location on Google map, and then contact the official website of the hotel to compare the price before placing the order. We stayed in the following five hotels this time, and everyone was very satisfied.

1. Formule 1 Melbourne Airport is actually an Ibis budget. Personal evaluation: 4 stars. The price is a $114 per night. The official website is: I made a reservation for this hotel through the booking website. Economic hotels are not economic. The high price level in Australia can be seen here. The only reason to choose his home is that it's close to the airport, and it's cheaper in hotels around the airport. As we will fly from Melbourne to Hamilton at 7:00 the next morning, we have to go to the airport to check in at 5:00 in the morning, so we decided to choose this one considering that we didn't want to leave the city earlier. The hotel rooms are small and clean, and very suitable for families with children, adhering to the consistent style of Ibis. Go out not far is a McDonald's, walk from the airport is about 8 minutes. Although it's very close to the airport, the windows are sound proof and quiet. So it's recommended for those who want to take an early flight.

2. Whitsunday apartments personal evaluation 5 stars + price a $250 / night


This family has to say more. I recommend it to you.

First of all, let's have a look at our invincible sea view room, and then talk about the twists and turns of choosing his home in detail, but the effort is worthy of those who want to do it! This apartment has won our unanimous praise and love.

Hamilton Island is a famous island for the rich and a world-famous honeymoon resort, so the first impression is that the accommodation on the island is very expensive. But because of this, the ticket to Hamilton from Melbourne is usually cheaper than that to ailley or McKay, so after careful calculation, I finally found that it is better to live in Hamilton Island than in aielie beach. Although it's more expensive to live in Hamilton Island, the air ticket is cheaper. In addition, it's a long way from aielie beach to the Great Barrier Reef and white paradise beach. Considering that if someone gets seasick, it will reduce the quality of tourism, so he decided to live in Hamilton Island. First, after searching for a long time, I found that the cheapest one on the island is palm bunglow, a $280 / night. Although it's not a sea view, it has a different style. So I placed an order on booking. But Hamilton Island accommodation is different from other places, is soon booking deducted a night's deposit. Even if I declare that in order to avoid credit card charges, I will eventually pay in cash. Probably because accommodation on the island is still in short supply. From New Zealand to other parts of Australia, except here, all you need to do is provide a credit card as a guarantee. Only this island will be deducted a certain deposit. Later, I found out that bunglow not only has no kitchen, but also doesn't provide breakfast. You know, the consumption on the island is high. If you eat outside, it's too FB. It's not in line with our purpose of "poor travel", but also directly affects "budget management". So I began to write to all the apartment hotels again, saying that my favorite places to stay abroad are Motel and apartment, which are cost-effective, and the most important thing is to be able to cook by myself, which can save a lot of money. Moreover, our people have a Chinese stomach, and it will be very uncomfortable to eat foreign food. BTW likes to visit their supermarket, which is also a pleasure to experience local life.) I didn't expect that Whitsunday apartment wrote back to me. Although they didn't have the three bedroom and one living room apartment I wanted, they could provide one bedroom and one living room apartment. The three of us ordered one for convenience. In fact, the apartment is very large and has three sofa beds. If you take your parents and children on a trip, you can live in a flat for five people. The best thing is to have a kitchen, which solves the problem of three meals a day. You know, we have to live here for four days and three nights, but the meal cost is not a small expense. What's even better is that the price they offer is lower than what I see on booking, even lower than the price of bunglow. A $250 per night. We decided on this one right away. This also directly led to the loss of credit card fees when we unsubscribed from booking's bunglow order. But I don't know why I can't deduct money from my credit card at this time. I can't deduct money from countless cards, so I had to go to Bank of China to wire transfer. After some tossing, I got the best reward for my efforts. This hotel did not disappoint us. It is the best hotel in this trip. Originally, it was said that it was a garden view room for us on the lower floor, but when we arrived, it was given us a room on the sixth floor. The invincible sea view, sitting on the balcony every day, was reluctant to leave. We often discuss the price. The National Day is in Yalong Bay. I don't know it's going to go up to the sky high price, but we only spend 1500 yuan here. It's worth it!

This is the Whitsunday party that people are reluctant to leave every day. I like it very much and the cost performance is very high.

It has a spacious living room and a convenient kitchen.

Of course, there is also a comfortable and spacious bedroom. It's very convenient for children to sleep on the sofa bed beside.

3. Lornebeach apartments personal evaluation 4 stars + price a $505 / night


I found this one on Google map. It's in a great location. It's in the center of Lorne Town, facing the sea. However, as most people choose to stay on Dayang Road, Ron's room is also tight and needs to be reserved as soon as possible. His family runs Motel and apartment at the same time. What we ordered is a three room sea view apartment, which is also the most expensive one in this trip, so we gave a discount on the evaluation. If it's cheaper, it's perfect, haha!

Our room is apartment with three bedrooms on the first floor, very warm. Looking out of the living room, you can see the grass and the sea not far away.. 1、 There are small balconies on the second floor. If you are not afraid of attracting countless parrots, you can sit outside and enjoy the sea view while having breakfast

Master bedroom on the second floor

Two second bedrooms on the first floor

4. Southern Ocean Villas personal evaluation 4-star price a $290 / night

Official website:

This villa is located in Campbell harbor. It came to the first one in the town from the 12 disciples. At that time, considering that it was going to get up early the next day to watch the sunrise, it was only 10 minutes away from the 12 disciples. It's a regular room with no view around. But generally speaking, it is more convenient. The price for a three room villa booking through booking is $290 for six people and $20 for extra people per night. Overall, the cost performance is good. As usual, there are three bedrooms on the ground floor, clean and spacious. I found that since driving abroad, I have loved apartments. It's better than staying in a hotel. It's very homey.

In addition, all apartments are equipped with washing machines, dryers and hair dryers

Bondhill apartments in Manhattan: a 360 dollar website:

The hotel first paid attention to it through booking, mainly because of its excellent geographical location, which is in Melbourne CBD, Collins lane. Coming out is Collins Street. Famous street, federal square, Swanston street and Chinatown are all within walking distance. But through the official website of the hotel, I found that the hotel itself has an EarlyBird plan, which can provide better prices than booking, but generally requires 2-3 nights. I tried to send a letter to consult, and the other party agreed that we only stay one night, oh yeah!

This is a three bedroom apartment with a bit of postmodernist style, simple and fashionable. Melbourne, even apartments are so special:)

(5) Useful information * about the activities, first of all, the activities in Whitsunday Islands are rich and colorful, and the website information is comprehensive, including clothing, food, housing, transportation and various entertainment activities. I mainly refer to the following two websites:

All activities can be found on the website, of course, you can also refer to the official websites of various companies. For example, the seaplane from ailley beach is

The seaplanes from Hamilton Island are:

Fantansea, a shipping company starting from aerli beach, is a big and good home:

Melbourne and Dayang road refer to the following websites:


*About luggage: (1) the non checked luggage stipulated by AirAsia is: one person can carry a carry on bag and a suitcase no more than 56cm (height) * 36cm (width) * 23cm (depth), in which the weight of the suitcase does not exceed 7kg( 2) The non checked luggage stipulated by Jetstar Airlines is: one carry on bag and one suitcase no more than 56cm (height) * 36cm (width) * 23cm (depth) can be carried by one person, and the total weight of two pieces of luggage is no more than 10kg.

In order to carry out the spirit of poor travel, seven of us only bought 40kg checked luggage in the Kuala Lumpur Melbourne section (also belongs to a friend's misoperation:) in the Kuala Lumpur Chengdu return section, because everyone in the luxury class has 20kg free luggage to check, so that when checking in, the staff found that we only had one or two checked luggage. They were surprised and asked repeatedly if we were sure? We think that we are so wasteful: P Jetstar didn't buy checked luggage in the whole process, and the random luggage can fully meet the needs. And all the way smoothly through the customs, also did not encounter the legendary strict luggage size and weight inspection. Maybe we have good character, maybe we are good passengers who strictly abide by the rules, ha ha.

About transport in Melbourne:

1. The free City Circle Tram (free tourist TRAM) runs around the CBD, which is No. 35. 2. Tourist shuttle bus stops at the following stations:, Stop 1 arts precinct Victoria Art Center stop 2 Federation Square stop 3 sports precinct Melbourne Cricket Court (MCG) stop 4 Chinatown precinct Chinatown & theaters District theater stop 5 Melbourne Museum Carlton Gardens Royal Exhibition / Garden, Stop 6 Lygon Street precinct Italy street stop 7 University of Melbourne stop 8 Queen Victoria Market stop 9 waterfront city, Docklands water city / historic port stop 10 Docklands stadium & Victoria Harbour / historic port and dock stop 11 William Street William Street stop 12 Southbank & Yarra River south bank / Yarra River Landscape - the world-class crown entertainment complex is here.

Stop 13 the shrine and Royal Botanical Gardens

The above two lines can basically meet all the needs, and the foot measurement and visiting the CBD area of Melbourne are also different, absolutely within the range of physical strength. My teammates are always lamenting that this trip I took them to play is all free items, park, car everything is free. In fact, in the final analysis, I can only lament that foreign tourism facilities are very perfect and developed. Whether it is Australia or New Zealand, even the parks in the world cultural heritage list are free. If you think about the endless high price tickets in China, there is a big gap in some aspects.

3、 The introduction of travel notes has come to an end for the time being. I'd like to supplement it later and enter the travel notes chapter formally. Let's give a grand introduction to our team: first of all, our five-star chef and pilot brother Z and our personal team doctor and chef's right-hand assistant sister W; It's all up to brother Z to let us Chinese stomachs enjoy ourselves in foreign countries. We also rely on sister w's strong support. Logistics support is essential: p the second group is our photographer, creator and second driver, brother s, Accounting Director, photography director and translator CC sister. In particular, we strongly thank brother s for his aftercare work after every meal, Hahaha: P thank CC sister for her composition guidance to the photographers, which made our journey a lot of good films. Thank CC sister for her strong support and effective cooperation when I was dizzy listening to foreign language, which made our journey smooth and perfect. The last group is the driver and second chef f brother, happy little Shuai pot boy brother, and the event's chief planner, GPS deputy, cash teller, y translator and general contact person - me! We, a group of seven, have successfully completed this trip through division of labor and cooperation, concerted efforts and tacit cooperation. Thank you again, and let us have a good memory of our life journey together!

Back to September 28, 2012, in the afternoon, I was on duty and my heart had already flown to the airport. In the evening, we gathered together at the airport. Old w children's shoes brought us fragrant stewed ribs and eggs for supper. We ate them before we started. They were a group of happy eaters. After four and a half hours' flight, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, I led the troops to go through the customs clearance, collect money, have breakfast in white coffee, check-in flight to Melbourne in the evening. After everything was ready, I left my luggage in LCCT and led them to KLCC. As the other two groups were all in Kuala Lumpur for the first time, we could not avoid taking a tour of the twin towers, mosques and Independence Square. The weather in Kuala Lumpur is so hot and humid all the year round. At last, everyone hides in Starbucks to cool off and weave their necks... By the way, I would like to tell you about the luggage storage of LCCT. The right corner of the exit of LCCT international hall is behind, and the opposite side of white caf é can store luggage. According to the number and size of boxes, it is small and expensive, such as RM18 / day for 20 inch boxes( Luggage storage) Baggage Solution。 But actually, I don't think they're according to that size. In short, they charged RM28 / day for our 20 inch boxes. Compared with RM3 / day when we lived in tune at the beginning of this year, it's really painful. But now if we don't live in tune, we don't want to deposit them. We can only deposit them here. We can't drag big bags into the city. As a result, when I went to Melbourne Airport, I saw that the deposit fee was extremely high, and I finally had a little balance in my heart! Ready, to Melbourne, set out

After eight hours of long-distance flight, wake up, the clouds outside the window like thick wadding, think of the clouds below is our destination, mood slowly began to excited.

My son also said that he could not hold it; D

Clouds gradually dispersed, vaguely see the city below, Melbourne, we are here!

The plane will issue the English version of the entry card, a long journey, nothing to do, just can pass some time. If you are not good at English, it doesn't matter. There are many versions of entry cards for you to choose, including Chinese. I really think about the tourists. There are a lot of people in the immigration department. After we pass the Customs by family, the last stage is very interesting. About a dozen people will be asked to stand in a row, walk into a designated area in turn, put all their luggage on the ground, and then the staff will lead the lovely dog to smell it one by one from the beginning to the end. Because of my experience in New Zealand at the beginning of the year, I know that the animal and plant inspection of Australia and New Zealand is one of the most stringent countries in the world, so I had prepared early, and I didn't bring anything to eat, and the moon cake was eliminated on the plane. After successfully passing the customs, we walked out of a glass door and stood in the arrival hall of Melbourne. We could see that there were a lot of Chinese. At that time, we were a little surprised. We didn't expect that there were so many Chinese in Melbourne.

When we got out of the airport, we all felt hungry, so we searched the airport for a while. In fact, the food in Melbourne Airport was quite rich, but the price was just... We chose noodle, some porridge, some noodles. In fact, the taste was good, but this meal ate us more than 80 Australian dollars, and the money was splashing_ T。。。

After eating expensive porridge, we went to the domestic departure hall to find out if we could check in the Jetstar flight early the next morning in order to get a few more minutes' sleep. As a result, the staff said that we could check in only when the flight number opened the next day, that is, two hours before the flight took off. We had to give up and do it slowly. It's nearly 10 o'clock in the morning, We went to Formule 1 Melbourne Airport to check in. This hotel is very close to the airport, and there are obvious signs as soon as you get out of the airport. It's very convenient to go all the way. As soon as we got to the hotel, we had a good night's sleep. After we had a cup of coffee in the nearby McDonalds, we set out for our first stop, the Royal Botanical Garden of Melbourne!

Here I would like to say that you can choose SkyBus or take a taxi from the airport to the urban area. If there are few people, it is more economical to take SkyBus. SkyBus from the airport to the CBD Southern Cross railway station is 17aud / person / journey. For relevant information, please refer to the company's website:

It's more cost-effective for seven of us to take a taxi. What's great about Melbourne is that there are seven seat taxis. At the airport where taxis are specially waiting, there is a man with a walkie talkie. Tell him how many people you have in total and he will help you call those big cars.

From the airport to the Royal Botanical Garden, we can take a taxi at a cost of $80, which is much more cost-effective than SkyBus. I heard that we would return to the airport in the evening, so I immediately took out my business card and called him when he said that he would come to pick us up. I was worried that it would not be easy to find this kind of seven seat taxi when I came back in the evening, so I quickly accepted it.

In fact, we got off the car by the Yala River and walked all the way from Victoria Garden to the Royal Botanical Garden. Along the way, wandering under the blue sky and white clouds, among the green grass and flowers, breathing the fragrance of flowers, the fragrance of soil and the fragrance of leaves, it's really refreshing

The carriage is leisurely on the road, and time slows down at this moment~

People are sitting or lying on the lawn, or playing their favorite games. Modern people have almost forgotten how to slow down, find the scenery around them, and enjoy every moment of life in a hurry. Here, in this sunny afternoon with slow flow of time, we feel incomparable happiness~

Here, man and nature are so harmonious.

This season is the season of blooming spring flowers in the southern hemisphere. When you walk in the botanical garden, when you are tired, you sit on the lawn and bathe in the warm sunshine. People can't help but sigh that this is life!

Leaves in the sun to stretch, flowers in the sun to bloom, spring came to our side..

The children are running happily in the sun, the birds are flying happily in the sky, and the mood is also happy and full in the sun

My son is happy to roll on the grass

So we quietly entered the spring of Melbourne..

After spending an afternoon wandering in this beautiful garden, we slowly walked out of the garden and were ready to take the tourist shuttle bus to the CBD to look for food. Out of the garden is the bus station, a look at the timetable was surprised, we are waiting for the last bus, in fact, it is only about 5 pm. There is a war memorial on the opposite side of the exit. Looking at the high steps, we are not ready to go. Looking from a distance outside, it's almost time to close the museum. After a while, the music starts and the flag lowering ceremony begins.

After crossing the Yala River, you enter the Melbourne CBD, and you will see the famous Federation Square and the ancient central railway station. As soon as you get off the bridge, you can see a group of people gathered in the center of Federation Square. They are sitting on the ground and watching the football game on the screen happily. It's really lively.

Melbourne's Federation Square is very popular~

On one side of the Federation Square is the Melbourne visitor center, where there are a lot of useful information and free maps. You can find whatever you like. We arrived late and the tourist center was closed. Beside the tourist center, there are bicycles for tourists to rent, which is also a beautiful scenery.

Across the street are the old central railway station and St. Paul's Cathedral.

As we first stepped into the CBD area, we failed to visit the tourist center, so we had to wander around. In the meantime, visitors asked where is Chinatown? We also want to know: when p returned to Melbourne later, he found that Collins Street, Swanston street, Chinatown and so on are close at hand. Thinking that there was an early flight waiting for us the next day, we decided to call back to the hotel early after dinner. When we arrived at the gate of central station, there was a row of taxis in the taxi area. Unfortunately, there was no one who could sit for seven people. We immediately contacted the driver who sent us. The enthusiastic black brother asked us to wait there for 15 minutes to arrive. A group of people began to wait outside the station

It's getting dark, and the central railway station in the dark has a different view.

We waited at the station for about 20 minutes. The black brother kept saying, "please wait another 10 minutes.". While we were waiting, we anxiously looked around. Suddenly, a black driver driving a seven seater cab came from afar. We rushed forward excitedly. As soon as the car stopped, a group of US jumped into the car one after another. After sitting down, we had a look. Ah! This black is not that black! We still tried to ask if the Sifu asked him to pick us up, but the driver said no. I quickly jumped out of the car to see the car number is not right, had to keep saying sorry, a line of people and fish run jump out of the car, really sorry. However, the driver was also OK. He said with a smile that he understood. Although he kept lobbying, we said that it was OK to take his car. We decided to show our Chinese people's good tradition of keeping their word. After waiting for n minutes, the original driver rushed to see us back to the hotel and repeatedly expressed his thanks. BTW, by the way, I would like to provide you with some information about the cost of taxis for 5-11 people. I can tell you that the taxi fare from the airport to the Royal Botanical Garden or central railway station is about a $80-a $85. If there are too many people, it's more cost-effective than a $17 / person SkyBus. It's easier to find cabs with 5-11 seats from the airport, but less in the urban area. You can make an appointment with the driver or get the phone number of the driver in advance. You can also go to the federal square to try your luck, because there are a lot of taxis there, and there will be one or two of them. Or make an appointment at 13 cabs 13 2227  、 13 MAXI   13 6294.

After a night's rest, I left my room at 5 a.m. the next morning to check in at the airport. Come to Jiexing self-service check-in counter, oh, it's so busy, there's a long line. But everyone was in good order, so soon it was our turn. There is a staff member at the entrance directing everyone. Maybe we are worried about what problems we may have, so we specially arranged to check in at a machine close to him. However, the interface of check in is very simple and easy to understand and operate, and we soon get it done. Moreover, we found that once we check in this flight, we can directly select the next flight, So we don't have to wait for the next flight to check in two hours before departure, so we decisively check in the return flight in three days. The staff saw that we were discussing there and immediately came over to ask us if we needed help. It was really warm-hearted. In the domestic departure hall of Melbourne Airport, Jetstar and Qantas have weight counter and luggage size box for you to try. We didn't buy any checked luggage, so we went to weigh it first, OK. Jetstar's random luggage is no more than 10kg, so I think it's OK, basically not overweight. And from Air Asia to Jetstar, along the way, I don't feel as strict as some children's shoes say. But maybe it depends on luck. Check in after peace of mind to eat breakfast and then pass, feel security is not strict, anyway smoothly into the waiting hall, Jetstar's gray machine in the dawn quietly waiting, will take us from the spring of Melbourne to feel the early summer of the Great Barrier Reef..

After a three hour flight, we arrived at Hamilton Island. When the blue sea leaped into our eyes from among the white clouds, we all woke up from drowsiness and began to get excited again“ It's just like this

Hamilton Island is a famous resort. It is located in Whitsunday Islands. The airport is also very small. At the end of the runway is the sea. My son even worries about whether the plane will rush into the sea~

When it comes to Hamilton Island, let's say a few more words. By the way, ha ha... In many people's minds, the Great Barrier Reef is Keynes in Australia, but it's not. Keynes and the Whitsunday Islands are both part of the Great Barrier Reef. Keynes can see the Great Barrier Reef and the tropical rainforest, while the Whitsunday Islands is composed of 74 coral islands, located in the center of the Great Barrier Reef on the tropical coast of Queensland, Australia. Hamilton Island is a pearl in the Holy Spirit islands. Hamilton Island is a famous honeymoon resort. From here, you can see the most romantic heart-shaped reef and the gorgeous white haven beach.

The following is an excerpt from sister yveblue's introduction to the Holy Spirit islands in her "summary of the Great Barrier Reef strategy" post. The Holy Spirit islands have a history of more than 100 million years, from catastrophic volcanic eruption to the formation of continental shelf on the seabed. At the end of the last ice age (about 30000-50000 years ago), due to the rise of sea level, part of the depression of the continental shelf was submerged by sea water, while the bulge above the sea level formed 74 beautiful islands of the Holy Spirit islands. The earliest aborigines and rulers of the Holy Spirit islands were the ngaro people, who had lived in the Holy Spirit islands and its surrounding waters for 8000 years before the arrival of European colonists. According to historical records, after the arrival of the European invaders, these aborigines in the Holy Spirit islands fought fiercely with them to prevent them from occupying these beautiful islands. According to the first official document on the Holy Spirit islands, the history of European colonists on the island began in 1770. At that time, Captain Cook initially named the 74 islands "Cumberland islands" after sailing through the Holy Spirit islands. According to Captain Cook's calendar, they discovered this brand-new sea area on Sunday, June 3, Whit Sunday, so Captain Cook named the Whitsundays the Whitsundays. In 1850, European colonists signed lease agreements with capitalists on the Australian mainland. So, since 1920, there was the first hostel in the Holy Spirit islands, which was used to receive tourists on cruise ships and from the mainland of Australia. Today, about 600000 tourists come to the Holy Spirit islands every year for sightseeing and leisure holidays. Holy Spirit islands is located in the center of the Great Barrier Reef, the largest and longest coral reef group in the world. As the gateway town of Whitsunday Islands, Airlie Beach is also one of the two portals for Australia to visit the Great Barrier Reef.

Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island are separated from each other by sea. Airlie Beach is connected with the Australian mainland, while Hamilton Island is an outlying island. Therefore, both from Ailey and Hamilton can go to heart-shaped reef, white heaven beach and hill inlet by boat, sea or seaplane. In terms of accommodation and prices, Airlie Beach is cheaper than Hamilton Island. However, it is far from Hamilton Island to the offshore platform, white heaven beach or other outlying islands from Airlie Beach, which is a kind of torture for seasick friends. There are flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns and other places to Whitsunday Islands. The airports in Holy Spirit islands where regular flights take off and land are Hamilton Island Airport and macay or PP airport near Airlie Beach, which need bus to get to Airlie Beach. And air tickets are usually more expensive than those to Hamilton Island. Combined with various factors, we chose to fly directly from Melbourne to Hamilton Island.

Let's get back to business. When you come out of the airport, you can see the tropical atmosphere.

With the flow of people out of the airport, according to the homework done in advance, I began to look for shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel for free. The whole Hamilton Island feels very well managed, which makes all our trips on the island very convenient. This kind of all service for tourists starts from the moment of arrival. Through the resort links, we can get to the hotel check in quickly and easily.

As long as you get on the island, you can choose any bus route according to your own needs. In addition to the free bus connecting from the airport to the hotels, there is also a green line for free bus, which connects several areas in the central area of the island, from hotels to docks and supermarkets; There is a purple line and an orange bus. These two lines drive around the island from different directions. You can get off at any scenic spot you want to stay. The time of each shift is also clearly marked on the station board.

We were received by a beautiful woman named Tara. After going through the formalities, she showed us the room, enthusiastically introduced the facilities of the apartment, and helped us confirm the next day's water flight before leaving.

As soon as the ordinary apartment door is opened, the invincible sea view comes to us, bringing us endless surprises.

Facing the sea, I feel very happy

It's a lazy and happy time to have a rest in the face of such beautiful scenery

We took a good afternoon nap, and then went out to step on the spot. In such a sunny afternoon, time flows slowly, everything becomes so slow, we don't have a car, walking aimlessly on the island, walking barefoot along the beach, letting the waves kiss our skin, letting the sea breeze blow our face and raise our long hair

On the beach..

Along the way, we finally came to the resort center, where there are many shops selling clothes and souvenirs. You can also book various activities on the island here. Tourdesk can help you book tours of various companies, from seaplane, golf to diving and going out to sea. The colorful activities are dazzling. Go through the resort center, continue to go through bunglow, and then walk down the slope to the dock area. The main restaurant and the only small supermarket on the island are there, which is also our destination today - to buy the ingredients for dinner. We haven't had Chinese food for several consecutive meals. Our Chinese stomach has begun to miss Sichuan food, ha ha..

Passing by the palm bunglow, which we had ordered and given up, the cabin also has a special taste, but the fly in the ointment is that there is no kitchen, no breakfast and no sea view.

Inadvertently, when large and small yachts from the coconut trees into our eyes, we have come to the dock area.

In the face of these luxury yachts, we turned a blind eye, but our sight was successfully attracted by the ice cream shop on the roadside.. Sweat ~ what a group of eaters! Of course, a group of happy eaters, ha ha: D

But foreigners are sincere in business. In the beginning, some children's shoes wanted to have a pair of balls. As a result, others' single ball ice cream was full of weight, and the spoon couldn't hold it. They were still trying to scoop it. When they put it into the egg roll, they pressed it hard, full of it. They scared those greedy students to change the single ball quickly, hehe. This situation, I think of the childhood song - row sit, eat fruit: D

After eating the desserts, the group walked all the way to the only supermarket on the island to buy ingredients for our first Chinese meal. The advantage of monopoly is that things are not cheap and people are very popular. But it's much cheaper to do it yourself than to eat out. What's more, it can accommodate our Chinese stomach. Chefs and logistics staff went into a limited selection of ingredients and condiments, and we "sit and enjoy" guys went around and looked around. Even the roadside small basin friends are not "let go."

Finally, in the supermarket, we felt like headless flies. We went back to the apartment with a few bags of Booty - beef, potatoes, eggs, milk, yogurt, bread, jam, vegetables, rice... Happily. Put things away, we go out again, this time we are going to take the purple line car around the island.

The station is just outside the hotel lobby, which is very convenient.

All the way, all kinds of beautiful scenery. I also have a general impression of the various scenic spots and distribution on the island. The car takes us to the airport first, which is probably the place where we are going to take the seaplane the next day( In fact, later we found out that Shuifei and helicopter actually share Hamilton Airport with our civil aircraft.)

After circling around the post office, they turned around and drove to the dock area. Rows of yachts were quietly moored in the harbor, waiting for the next sailing.

Along the way, the seaside scenery always makes people happy..

Leaving the dock area, the car drove all the way up the mountain, and the vision gradually widened..

We got off the car at the top of the mountain. The scenery was very beautiful. The sun was pouring down from the dark clouds on the sea in the distance, and the light and shadow were moving dreamily

After a while, the dark clouds gradually dispersed and the blue sky reappeared in front of us. It's also a good place to watch the sunset on Hamilton Island.

Dark clouds dispersed, in the blue sky and white clouds toward the sea, people relaxed and happy~

It's a happy thing to live in this place which faces the sea all the year round.. Along the way, there is a villa for sale, and the crow just stops on the billboard of the house for sale. Is it also exciting?

5 million single villa, facing such beautiful scenery, do you think it's worth it?

Hamilton, a beautiful island, is full of the fragrance of spring..

We took a small walk around the mountain road and went back to the sunset point. The sun was slanting to the West. Many tourists were coming to watch the sunset, and the cars were lined up. This kind of golf buggy is very popular in Han island. It's called golf buggy. It's a $80 for one day. It's very casual. It's very suitable for a family of three or four to visit around the island leisurely. It's not limited by time and place. It's very popular with tourists.

Because it's getting late and the night wind is getting colder, but it's still a while before sunset. After asking the time of sunset, we decided to go back to the hotel to sacrifice to the five zang organs temple. On the third day, when we came back from baitiantang beach, we just went to the top of the mountain to watch the sunset, so as to avoid the suffering of "cold and hunger". When we return to wharf by bus, the ships on the sea have come back and quietly stop in the harbor.

It is an ordinary and simple happiness in our life to spend a good time with people who love each other hand in hand.

Back in the apartment, the chefs began to play the symphony of pots and pans... We were surprised to find that the tide began to ebb on the beach. It suddenly occurred to us that this is the southern hemisphere. On the contrary, it ebbs in the evening. Exposing a large area of beach inundated by the sea in the afternoon, my son yelled to go down and have a look, estimated that there was still a period of time before we left the meal, and we walked towards the seaside in the twilight..

Looking back at the hotel on the shore, the lights were dim.

Back to the room, delicious food has been on the table, in the warm light, exudes the warmth of home.. Thanks again to our brother Z and sister W, let's enjoy the familiar home food in a foreign country, let's have the warmth at home. Scatter flowers! Applause! That's a must!

Australia's high prices once again give us a deep impression. Notice the dish of stir fried vegetables in the picture above. It's eight Australian dollars. Later, when we looked at the bill carefully, we found that it's really worth a lot of money_ T was so excited when he saw the vegetables that he didn't care about the price.

The above roast chicken on Hamilton Island is 16 Australian dollars, which is only half the price in Melbourne. The price on the island is quite high.. Finally, chef Z concluded that Australian beef is cheap and potatoes are good, which has become the main dish of almost all our meals. Of course, under Z's strategy, the tastes are different. Great! Of course, not to mention the last cherry meat, this is a later story, let's not press the table for the moment

After having enough to eat and drink, we warmly discussed and "looked forward" to the next day's water flight, and then went back to our rooms to have a rest for the next day's activities... We would also like to express our sincere thanks to our after dinner service team members, mainly brother s!

Back to the room, walk to the balcony, a bright moon hanging high in the air, suddenly think of today is the second day of the Mid Autumn Festival, really 15 of the moon 16 yuan. Awesome glittering mobile phone, the quiet and peaceful feeling arise spontaneously. Unfortunately, the mobile phone is not enough to make the beautiful picture. In front of the bright moon in the sky, I wish my relatives and friends in the distance a thousand miles together!

The bright moon is rising above the sea, everyone faraway enjoy the same moment!

The next morning, after breakfast, we came to the hotel lobby and waited for a few minutes. A handsome pot came to pick us up in a van. Today, we arranged a trip to attend the reef & Beach explore (seaplane) of Hamilton Island air. We flew over the Great Barrier Reef by water plane. After seeing the heart-shaped reef, we would land on the white paradise beach. After staying at the white paradise beach for an hour and a half, we would return to Hamilton Island. This is the highlight of our long-distance flight from Melbourne to the Great Barrier Reef, and we are full of expectations... However, as soon as we went out, it was overcast and arrived at the airport, and it began to rain. I was a little depressed. Seeing that our seaplane had been waiting for us on the apron, I quickly asked the pilot, Shuaiguo, can we fly in such weather? It doesn't matter, does it? Shuaiguo said it's no problem, it doesn't affect. I got on the plane with a feeling of uncertainty and suspicion. The plane is carrying us to the Great Barrier Reef in the continuous drizzle. I can only pray to myself that it will be a good weather after flying up the clouds

Looking at the dense raindrops on the window glass, I secretly complained, how can I take a picture... Gradually the raindrops disappeared, and there was not even a trace of rain on the glass. We flew away from the dark clouds and toward the sun. At this time, a rainbow crossed the sea and bloomed perfectly below us, bringing us a surprise. It is the so-called "do not experience wind and rain, how to see the rainbow", not so..

Rainbow seems to be reluctant to leave, feeling has been following us for a long time before it gradually disappeared.

White sails dot the sea, and the whitrendi islands unfold before our eyes like a beautiful picture

After a while, the sea became more shallow, clear and transparent water is full of beautiful coral reefs, shining in the sunlight..

We marvel at the uncanny workmanship of nature. In front of the miracle of nature, human beings are so small..

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest and longest coral reef group in the world. It is located in the southern hemisphere. It runs through the northeast coast of Australia, from the Torres Strait in the north to the south of the Tropic of cancer. It stretches for a total of 2011 km, with the widest point of 161 km. It is the largest and longest coral reef group in the world. It is one of the seven natural landscapes in the world. It is also the natural landscape that Australians are most proud of. Also known as the "transparent and clear wild kingdom in the sea". There are 2900 large and small coral reef islands, and the natural landscape is very special. It was listed in the world natural heritage list in 1981.

——Baidu Encyclopedia

In front of such a shocking beauty, any words are pale

Suddenly, far away, the heart that I have been looking for appears in front of our eyes, in the rippling sea, in the clear blue sea, burst into our eyes.. Although it is smaller than I imagined, it is God's work in the face of the miracle created by nature. It seems that God is willing to take it as the habitat of the soul.

It is said that people who can see heart-shaped reef with their own eyes will be happy for a lifetime. Let's be happy together

The Great Barrier Reef is composed of more than 400 kinds of colorful corals in various shapes. Most of the reefs are submerged in the water, and the top of the reef is slightly exposed at low tide. Looking down from the sky, the reef islands are like green emeralds, shining brightly, while the looming reef tops are like gorgeous flowers blooming in the vast blue sea.

It's incredible that the "architect" of such a huge "project" is a coelenterate coral with a diameter of only a few millimeters. Corals are exquisite in shape and beautiful in color. They can only live in waters with annual water temperature of 22-28 degrees, and the water quality must be clean and transparent. The natural structure of the Great Barrier Reef gives people a sense of beauty. Its edge is inlaid with green and dark blue turquoise, which is dazzling and shocking. It is a miracle created by nature. However, our children may never see this miracle with their own eyes. Experts say that the only thing we can leave for future generations is these amazing pictures to remind future generations of the importance of protecting the environment. Such an outcome has to make people feel sad. According to a recent report released by oceanographer Charlie Wallon, global warming will wipe out the Great Barrier Reef in just 20 years. Wallon was the chief scientist at the Australian Institute of Oceanography. "There is nothing we can do, and the Great Barrier Reef will disappear in about 20 years," he said—— Baidu Encyclopedia

The plane circled the heart-shaped reef in the air, leaving us the distance between heart and heart..

We are reluctant to leave the Great Barrier Reef and fly to another paradise on earth, Whitehaven.

While we are still savoring the miracle of nature, the hill inlet of white heaven once again shocked me. This short more than two hours, my mood for a long time can not be calm.. When I first saw it, I felt that there was no more beautiful beach in the world than here, which was so breathtaking and fascinating. Please believe that the following photos can never restore the shock of the moment I saw with my own eyes, nor can they restore 100% of its beauty, After arranging this water flight overlooking the hill inlet, I went out to sea by boat the next day to experience the magic with my own feet.

Let the beauty of hill inlet accompany us with a sweet dream. I hope that in the dream I will return to the haunting white Paradise Beach

We are still immersed in the shock of overlooking the hill inlet. The plane has started to descend and moored on the water of white paradise beach.

When we wade through the water and walk on this beautiful white beach, our feet fall into the powder like sand. It's so comfortable. We don't want to lift our feet from the sand any more. As an island controller, I've been to many beaches, but no beach has ever made me feel so wonderful. The sand is as fine as flour. When you step on it, it's soft and thin, and then it makes you deep in it. When you lift your foot, the sand particles slip away between your feet... All this is because this beach has a different composition from other beaches, The secret of white heaven beac

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