South Asia Fun Tour
August 18,2021

Half cold wind, half sunshine

by Bin Xu

Days: 10 days

Time: September

Per capita: 11000 yuan

With whom: husband and wife

Play: photography, self driving, free travel

The author went to these places


Monington Peninsula



Apollo Bay

Loch Ard Gorge

Port Campbell

Federation Square

Graffiti Street

Victoria Art Center

Royal Botanic Gardens

War Memorial


melbourne museum

Circular Wharf

Rock area

Hyde Park

Darling Harbour

Ashcombe Maze

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Tower

City Circle Tram

Published at 08:22, October 14, 2015

It's a trip triggered by cheap air tickets. Australia, for me, is more eager to flag than the attraction of the destination itself. In addition, after waiting for a job to take the baby's home squatting for another year, this long vacation has become the last proof that life has returned to normal. When you meet the right place at the right time, it will happen naturally. The only source of uneasiness is the guilt of leaving my son for the time being. Fortunately, the supportive parents make everything possible. Before setting out, my mind echoed repeatedly: nothing can stop you from yearning for freedom. Well, before officially joining the sand digging army, please allow me to be capricious again and relive the freedom of their travel.

[and so on - Travel summary]

Time: 2015.9.24-201.10.3

Route: Melbourne Dayang road Denton hill moonington Peninsula Melbourne Sydney

Mode: Melbourne Sydney aircraft, self driving for the remaining journey (self driving mileage 970km)

Approximate cost: double 10 days 2w2

Specific itinerary:

There are many plans for this trip. Eight whole days, how to use time compactly and not in a hurry is the biggest problem.

Option 1, Dayang road + Tasmania self driving, fly to Sydney;

Option 2: drive all the way from Melbourne to Sydney;

Option 3, Melbourne, Cairns, Sydney;

Option 4: drive around Melbourne, fly to Sydney.

Considering both price and time, option 4 won.

Day1 9 / 24 night to Melbourne

Day2 9/25 大洋路第一段,Melbourne->Geelong->Torquay -> Aireys Inlet ->Apollo Bay(宿)

Day3 9/26 大洋路第二段,Apollo Bay->Cape Otway lightstation ->Castle cove->Lavers Hill->Gibson steps->12 Apostles->Loch Ard Gorge-> 12Apostles sunset ->Port Campbell(宿)

Day4 9/27 大洋路补遗,Port Campbell ->12Apostles -> Gibson steps ->The arch -> London bridge -> Grotto -> Port Campbell -> Colac -> Ferny Creek of Dandenongs range (宿)

Day5 9 / 28 trail in Dandenong National Park, Rhododendron gardens, William Ricketts sanitary

Day6 9 / 29 Cape Schanck lighthouse, Ashcombe maze & Lavender gardens > Melbourne

Day7 9 / 30 Melbourne City Tour (Federation Square, St. Paul's church, graffiti street, Victoria Art Center, Royal Botanical Garden, war memorial, Victoria Art Museum, Chinatown, state library, Melbourne exhibition hall, Melbourne Museum, Spencer outlet center)

Day8 10 / 1 fly to Sydney from Melbourne, Sydney half day tour (Peddy market, botanical garden, art gallery, state library, circular pier / rock area, harbour bridge, Victoria shopping center)

Day9 10 / 2 one day tour in Sydney (Hyde Park, St. Mary's church, botanical garden, Darling Harbor)

Day10 / 3 back home

(9 / 25-9 / 29 five days self driving 970 km, daily average about 200 km.)

According to the habit, the travel notes are written in the front, and the strategy is written in the back. If you need to refer to it, please jump to the last chapter. Or that sentence: when you decide to start, the most difficult part of the journey has been completed.

Ocean Road

This is a route that has been praised for its beauty. The sea, reefs, grasslands, forests and other landforms are scattered and set off each other. It is hard for words to describe its splendor. Only with eyes and heart can we live up to this wonderful nature.

It was night when we arrived in Melbourne. The air was warm and cold in early spring. The city was bright and quiet. So across the equator came to the southern hemisphere, although all strange, it seems no different.

The next morning, I rented a car and headed for Dayang road. Driving on the left for the first time, from the initial uneasiness to the relaxation after adaptation, changing habits is not so terrible. The section from Melbourne to Geelong is basically high-speed, the traffic flow is not small, but the speed is not slow. There are grasslands on both sides of the road, and there is also a golden rape flower field. However, compared with the vast flower sea in Qinghai, the flatness here is less imposing.

I got a map from the visitor center in Jilang. It's still early. Then I drove to Torquay. All the way are seaside towns with similar styles. After supermarket replenishment and lunch, walk towards the beach.

You can see the sea from a distance on the parking platform.

Australia's trees are my favorite. It seems that the group photo with trees along the way is no less than that of the sea.

It's also a paradise for seagulls.

The first portrait

The winding coastline can be seen on the plank road.

Reef and sea are the classic colors of Dayang road.

The sea water with distinct layers is really intoxicating.

The water is still cool this season, but the Australian people are not afraid of cold.

The two little kids who just came back were playing naked on the bank.

Walk down the plank road and come to the shore. The waves are very big and the seaweed is very green.

Walking on the beach, the sea breeze is cool and the sun is warm. It's really a split season.

Clap on the plank road.

Take a picture on the viewing platform. Front self portrait, back self portrait. You can shoot willfully without children.

After spending a long time in an unknown small beach, the next journey was much shorter. Several famous towns did not stop. When they saw a "Castle lookout" somewhere, they stopped. Later, I found out that this place is called "aireys inlet". Besides a reef called eagle, there is also a lighthouse called "split point". Compared with several lighthouses I have been to since, this one can be very close.

How do you keep whitening after so many years of sun exposure?

Against the light, the lighthouse seems to be shining.

The path on the other side leads to the viewing platform of Yingyan. This is the typical Dayang road reef.

With the filter, the sea water has the effect of immortal Qi.

At present, the beautiful scenery should be photographed naturally.

It was evening when I left aireys inlet. I arrived at Apollo Bay in the dark, but I couldn't find the hotel I had reserved after searching along the road for a long time. I asked a local shopkeeper for his address. He said that this place is five or six kilometers away from Apollo Bay, which is another village. Well, I was careless when I made the reservation, but there was something wrong with the navigation? So he turned around and drove back five kilometers to find the Lodge Motel. Although it's a little bit too far away, it's not as busy as Apollo Town, but it's not so quiet. The room built on the hillside is facing Dayang road. On the other side of the road is the sea. Through the French window, you can hear the sound of waves lapping on the bank.

I put down my luggage and went back to Apollo town to look for food. I had a typical Australian meal, fish & chip. It's really a big plate of meat, but if I do, I think my stomach will strike.

It's late at night when I go back to my lodging. Although the clouds are a little thick, I can still see some stars. The ant braves the cold wind to the star chart to find his own birth constellation, Scorpio, as well as the prominent Southern Cross. Think of these strange stars only in the southern hemisphere will see, not only cherish a lot. So it's a pity that people who live in the southern hemisphere all their lives have no chance to see Beidou and Polaris?

The next morning, the wind outside the house was whistling. I thought it would be a cloudy day. I opened the curtains and found that it was still sunny. In the morning light, every car stops at the door of its own room.

The grass slope in front of the gate,

Across the sea,

And lovely pinecones.

The tree on the grass slope caught our attention, so a new swing began. Today's dress is rural enough, but it's suitable.

Today's first stop is the Cape Otway lighthouse in Otway National Park. Starting from Apollo Bay, we gradually leave the coast. The grassland, trees and different customs on both sides of the road make us beautiful.

The first time I saw a helicopter, I was very excited. Later I found that the most important thing on Dayang road was a helicopter.

Find the isolation zone to stop, on one side of the road is the warm grassland.

On the other side is the mysterious forest.

At first, I just took a few pictures of grassland.

It turns out that road movies are more interesting.

In fact, I don't understand what this kind of modeling is to show.


From Dayang road to Cape Otway lighthouse, you need to turn into a small road, with peculiar eucalyptus trees on both sides of the road. It is said that wild koalas can be seen here.

Soon after driving, I saw a car parked on the side of the road. Several tourists stood under the tree and looked up to take pictures. So I got off the car and after guidance, I saw a koala sleeping with a branch on the top of the tree. Another koala was moving on a tree not far away. Although the distance is far away, everyone is obviously very excited. It is estimated that it is the first time to see a wild koala.

I can't take a clear picture. I continue to move forward. I get off the car with the wind. I have two more. One is sleeping and the other is eating leaves. It's a little closer this time. Next to him, a foreign old man pointed to the koala chewing eucalyptus leaves and said warmly and gently: it is eating.

The third time I saw a koala sitting on a branch less than two meters away, as if it was within reach. It was also eating leaves, not afraid of people. It attracts tourists to take pictures around it.

Next to another slightly higher branch, a koala is sleeping. If you look carefully, it still has a small koala in its arms.

It grabs a piece of bark and places the baby in a comfortable triangle. With the feeling of maternal love bursting, it suddenly reminds me of my view and the warmth of cuddling him to sleep.

After waiting for a long time, the little koala's face finally came out, so cute, so cute, so MEDA.

Every time they pass through a strange forest, the ants stop to take pictures of people.

Further forward, you can see the sea again. The green grass and blue sea house, except for no snow mountain, is just the sight of Qinghai Lake.

Facing the sea, take off with enthusiasm.

Finally, we arrived at the entrance of the lighthouse. Most people were deterred by the tickets of more than ten dollars. There was a path leading to the viewing platform beside the entrance.

Looking at this lighthouse with the oldest history from a distance, I went back home.

On the way to Otway, I didn't meet a restaurant. Fortunately, I brought dry food with me. I parked my car by the side of the road and watched the sheep on the grass slope for lunch.

Return to the Ocean Road and get close to the coast again. The first viewing platform I met was called Castle cove, and the coast seemed nothing special.

However, the scenery on the other side of the viewing platform has a magnificent western style.

In the town of Lavers Hills bought sandwiches to replenish energy and went on. After Princeton, they came to the essence of Great Ocean Road. The first to arrive is Gibson steps. There is a plank road to the beach, where you can watch two of the twelve disciples from a close distance. It may be due to the tide, the wave is too big, in order to ensure safety, the plank road has been closed.

Look at the waves, even if you have the courage to go down the steps, you dare not go to the beach.

But now the light doesn't seem to see beautiful colors.

You can't get off the beach, you can only stand on the observation platform and have a look.

The viewing platform of the twelve disciples is not far from Gibson's steps, and there is a plank road by the sea for walking.

Finally came to the landmark scenic spot of Dayang Road, but the evening light at this angle is completely backlight, a few big rocks left the sun, it is not beautiful.

It seems that it can only be silhouetted against the light.

Another viewing platform was also full of people.

Here you can see the opposite two stones, they face the sunset, bathed in gold, appear vibrant.

It's still early to sunset. Keep going. Not far away is the Loch ard gorge. This is to commemorate the 1878 shipwreck "Loch ard".

Because the waves are too big, the hanging ladder has been closed, so we can't walk on the beach. We can only enjoy the magnificent and magical landscape on the viewing platform.

Suddenly found that the moon has come out, the full moon on the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival, like a girl to be married, new and slightly shy.

In order to take a picture with the moon, we tried different methods: sitting on the fence, sitting on the back of a chair, standing on the grass, and finally standing on the stake in the parking lot.

Toss for a long time, suddenly found that the sun is about to set. The silhouette of the Bush in the setting sun has the feeling of African grassland.

Flying back to the twelve disciples to see the sunset, I was shocked as soon as I arrived at the viewing platform. Before, the black stone was smeared with crimson Rouge by the sunset, like a layer of gauze. The tone is intoxicating, at least women eat this set most.

The sun goes down a little bit. Just like sunrise, rising and falling seem to be instantaneous.

When it is all submerged in the sea, the sun is still shining in the sky. It's getting dark, but I'm not willing to leave. I keep pressing the shutter to keep the fading beauty.

Sunset has made an almost perfect day. In the night, I came to Campbell harbor, only ten kilometers away from the twelve disciples. The ant will go to see the disciple rock in the sun again tomorrow morning.

I got up early in the morning and bought breakfast at the supermarket in the small town. I found that there was a small harbor nearby.

Someone went to sea so early.

Having breakfast at a long table on the beach, although it's cold, I feel very happy.

Walking in parallel with seagulls on the beach, it has two small red claws, and its eyes are alert and looking forward to it.

Out of town, there is a small viewing platform where you can see the wharf from a high place.

The number of people coming to the twelve disciples again is much less than that of yesterday afternoon. It seems that a considerable number of tourists choose to return to Melbourne that day. Next to the parking lot is the helipad.

This season, the morning light is more suitable for viewing.

The two stones on the other side are not as beautiful as they were yesterday evening.

I'm short of words. Please look at the picture.

Famous landmarks, how can we not visit here.

After taking enough pictures of the twelve disciples, he went to Gibson's steps to try his luck, but it was a big wave. It's estimated that you can't go to the beach on a full moon day.

Campbell continues westward to see the arch.

And London Bridge. After two consecutive days of visual bombing, the collocation of coastal reefs is slightly aesthetic fatigue.

But the final attraction, grotto, was beyond my expectations. Through the long plank road,

From the viewing platform, it's just an ordinary Bay.

Only when we go down the steps can we find the real beauty. Outside is a blue ocean, and a pool in the grottoes presents a gradual change of blue-green color.

The color has the charm of jiuzhaihaizi, and the outline looks like the kissing stone of oluanbi Park in Kenting.

It's almost noon after watching the grotto. I'm going back to Campbell port for lunch, and I'm ready to go back. The journey of Dayang road has lived up to our imagination and expectations.

[beautiful accident -- mount dunnon, Mornington]

When planning the trip before leaving, I didn't make any reservation for two days. As it turns out, this kind of maneuver, like all unknowns, brings both uneasiness and excitement. Fortunately, after the chaos harvest warmth, the original enjoyment of the accident is another gesture of travel.

Walking inland from Port Campbell, you can see farm manor all the way. Harvesters, balers, all kinds of cattle and sheep.

Colac is a small city that must pass inland to Melbourne. There is a lake in the city. It seems inappropriate to use "pool" because it has a large area, which is bigger than the West Lake.

Stay here, not only for rest, but also for the next station destination. I had a heated argument with ant about where to go after two days of self driving. It was not until I returned to Melbourne that I finally decided to go to Denton hill first and then to Mornington.

I checked the hotels near Denton hill on the booking website. There are few choices and the prices are expensive. Then I searched for B & B and left a message asking if there is a room available tonight. I didn't have much hope after sending it out. Just as we were planning to book Ibis 30 kilometers away from Denton Nong mountain, we suddenly received a reply from the home stay landlord: Yes, but the room can't be ready until seven o'clock. So the ant drove, and I used pad to contact the landlord while I was busy with website verification and credit card binding. When all the programs were finished, it was already seven o'clock in the evening.

B & B is located in the depth of a village near Danton hill. According to the tips from the landlord, we grope in the dark and find the right intersection but open the wrong yard. When we found this mistake, we were baffled by reversing on the narrow slope. We failed to adjust the direction several times. We also startled the dog. For a moment, the dog barked incessantly. Two big dogs rushed out of it and ran to me. Then the owner came out to check the situation. The scene was embarrassing. But after we explained, the kind Australian aunt comforted us, drove the dog back to the room, and backed our car out. When we parted, we could not help hugging and thanking her. The collapse of the mid autumn festival night began to change to luck because of her kindness.

After many hardships, I finally arrived at the B & B. The landlord is a retired couple, Philip is a little perfectionist tendency of the old man, his serious and thoughtful in the bedside that detailed check-in guide reflected incisively and vividly. Joni is a beautiful woman. At first sight, she feels very kind. When she asks, she is of Asian descent. They also have a crazy black Labrador. Room layout is very warm, across the window can see the light of the mountain.

It's said that we haven't eaten yet. Philip and Joni have prepared a love dinner. When this plate of warm food was put in front of us, we were so moved that we suddenly understood the sentence: never be disappointed in life.

According to Philip's Danton Hill guide, we selected several places for the next day's itinerary. First, we hiked on a mountain trail near Rhododendron gardens. At the entrance is a grassy slope. A grandmother with white hair is herding sheep. Her four sheep are strong and flexible. I once thought they were dogs...

She seemed to be playing some kind of musical instrument, but her voice was so weak that it was covered by the wind.

The scenery in the forest is nothing special. The tall and straight trees are the only bright spot.

I found a place with light to take portraits.

Go around the original road and return to the grassy slope at the entrance. The simple and broad background is very suitable for taking pictures. So continue to concave shape.

Besides pretending to be cool, ant students can only do somersaults.

Rhododendron gardens opens at 10 a.m. From the entrance of the garden, it seems that the area is not large. When you walk in, you will find that there is a hole in it.

Compared with the botanical gardens in China, the gardens here seem to be more original. There are not too many traces of manual pruning, and there is no unified classification group. All kinds of plants and flowers are mixed together, seemingly chaotic, but with a kind of inadvertent beauty. It always reminds me of the gardens in Monet's works. The colors are complex, but it seems that there are rules to follow.

This umbrella shaped cherry tree by the lake is very Japanese.

Closer, from the bottom up, the painting style is more Japanese.

You can't do without shooting flowers. From far to near.

It's a cute bird on the branch. I saw the big green parrot before, but I didn't photograph it.

The big clusters of flower balls are very oppressive.

But it doesn't seem to have any aroma.

Another pool, in which wild ducks fly.

Continue to go deep into the garden, the terrain suddenly open up. Then I saw two unique trees and fell in love with them at a glance.

This green tuanfan tree is as symmetrical as if it had been pruned.

Another dead tree full of fallen leaves has a unique temperament.

Patted and patted, like a peacock's tail?

Sitting here, I feel the world is bright.

The background of this tree is very open, so we set up a tripod to take a group photo.

Standing and shooting

Sit and shoot

Take a picture

Split shot

While shooting

Take both sides

Symmetrical shooting

Asymmetric shooting

It's shooting

Take the picture askew

There's a wave of tuanfan trees.

It's almost noon after the self portrait under the tree, I left the garden and went to a very small park: William Ricketts sanitary. There are some strange sculptures hidden in the garden between the trees and the fountain. They look like tree carvings and feel like stones. The figures in the statue are also very special. The image seems to have the shadow of Indians, but the whole is like a mythical scene. Because there is no background, I don't quite understand the deep meaning it expresses.

Down from Denton hill, we pass the town of Olinda, where we have lunch and head for the next destination, monington peninsula. It's evening when we arrive at the hotel of rye beach. We have made an appointment for the evening show of peninsula hot spring in the morning, and we still have two hours to kill.

First, I went to the beach in the south. The sea breeze was very strong, the waves were splashing on the shore, and the rapidly changing clouds had a kind of majestic momentum.

There is a father with two sons on the shore picking up shells.

Ants also picked up a lot of sea water to smooth shells, said to be brought to view play. My baby, are you ok?

After dinner, I went back and forth on the trestle of the rye beach, and many people were fishing in the cold wind. The temperature above and below zero makes me full of doubts about the open-air hot spring at night. Will it freeze to death?

Peninsula hot spring is a well-known pastime in Mornington. In addition to the natural hot spring, it is characterized by the peak hot spring. In addition, the price is not expensive, 40 $/ person during the day, 35 $/ person in the morning and evening, but there are no other free services. Bath towel, slippers, drinking water and even wardrobe need to be rented for a fee. However, this does not affect people's rush for it. It is full of people at any time. Many comments on Google call it the public bathhouse.

Even so, when we come all the way to the top of the mountain hot spring, the moment we enter the pool, we feel it's worth it. The body is in warm water, the cool wind is blowing above the shoulder, the bright moon is looking up, the lights of the city are in the distance, so how about the night even if you are in a pool with a group of strangers.

In addition to the hot spring at the top of the mountain, the bubble hot spring in the first big pool at the entrance is also more distinctive, and other kinds of pools are basically the same. I don't know if it's because I've been to a hot spring. Later, I only wore a swimsuit and didn't feel cold when I walked on a cold night.

During the last half day in Mornington, I went to see Cape Schanck lighthouse, the third lighthouse I met during the trip. It's at the southernmost end of Mornington. Through the long plank road, you can see its figure from a distance.

Like split point, it has a little red hat.

The combination of blue sea and white lighthouse has a kind of boundless artistic conception.

It's windy on the viewing platform.

The wind on the plank road is even more frightening.

The reef seen in the distance is nothing special.

When I got close, I found that the waves were roaring and the passion was surging.

Ants love this transparent water flower.

Shivering with cold, I came out of Cape Schank. I went to the famous IELTS maze in China long ago, because many travel notes mentioned it here. In fact, it's just a theme garden with general scenery and expensive tickets of 18.5 $/ person. Most of the tourists are Chinese. I can't help suspecting that its reputation is hyped by tour groups.

However, as a theme park, Ashcombe maze is still doing well. All the gardens in the garden are designed as mazes. It takes a certain amount of time to walk according to the rules.

This is the most famous Bush maze. The path in the maze is very narrow and can only accommodate one person.

The fountain between the north and South labyrinth.

Panorama of labyrinth.

The lake in the garden is not bright enough for lack of sunshine.

Lavender garden is also a very small garden, which is also designed as a maze. But the people who enter here are more for taking photos, and few people go to the maze designed by it. The garden is very small, but I feel like there are many flowers in the close-up. All of a sudden, the sun appeared and everyone took photos.

Pretend to roam in the sea of flowers.

From maze, it's dinner time. Drive to Chadstone shopping centre, the largest shopping center in the suburbs of Melbourne. The "Diner" there finished lunch and was moved to tears when he saw so many Chinese food stalls. After that, we went shopping separately with ants and met in an hour. I tried a wrap skirt, but I didn't sell it because of the high price. After meeting with the ant, I went to find the shop, but I lost my way and had to give up. Unexpectedly, one day later in Melbourne, outlet center unexpectedly met a skirt with the same brand and discount, so it won.

Originally, every miss is for a better reunion.

[impression of two cities -- Melbourne and Sydney]

Melbourne and Sydney are two typical Australian cities, one is quiet and artistic, the other is prosperous and modern. However, they both have a stable and low-key British style. It's a special experience to walk in two cities for two consecutive days and seamlessly feel the similarities and differences between them.

It's evening to go back to Melbourne again. Fortunately, we are walking in CBD with cars and boxes, and we are walking with rush off-duty people. After dinner, it's just after seven o'clock, most of the shopping malls are closed, and there are few pedestrians on the road. Melbourne is really not a place with rich nightlife. When she asked the front desk girl where she could go for a walk in the evening, she hesitated: in fact, we don't go out much at night.

Even if there are few people, the lights of the city are not few. On the overpass of the South Cross station, you can see that most of the office buildings are still on.

The entrance and exit of trains and the flashing of street lights make it busy and orderly here.

Crossing the overpass and walking along the Yala River, I just want to find a suitable angle to see the panoramic view of the ferris wheel, but I only see one side.

Along the way, I saw many buildings with artistic style. Most of the buildings in Melbourne are relatively new, each of which is full of personality, either unique in shape or bright in color. It's like the results of the architectural competition. Each building shows its own uniqueness with a light attitude. What's more amazing is that so many buildings with different styles are scattered together, which does not make people feel disharmonious. On the contrary, it has the illusion of being in an art exhibition. And that's what this city is born with.

A strange identifier in front of a building.

The next morning, a one-day tour of the city started. Like most tourists, the first stop is Union Square. At this intersection, federal train station,. Federal square and St. Paul's church each have a corner.

Compared with the Southern Cross station, the painting style of the Federal Railway Station is completely different. Looking at the vicissitudes outside, it is more simple inside. It's rush hour, and there are lots of people inside and outside the station.

The interior of St. Paul's.

A few hundred meters down Flinder street is graffiti lane. It's just different from what I imagined. There are graffiti on the wall, on the floor and even in the garbage can. But the quality is really poor. Maybe it's because you can draw at will, and the frequency of graffiti coverage is too high.

On the South Bank of Yala river is the Victoria Art Center, which is actually a theater. The layout inside is very comfortable. If you have time to watch a performance here, it should be very good to experience the leisure way of local people. It's pointed from the glass roof. In other words, I don't think it's very beautiful when I look at the thin shape of the minaret during the day.

The interior decoration wall.

Behind the art center is the Victoria Art Museum, commonly known as NGV (National Gallery of Victoria), which is the highlight of today's show. Unfortunately, it doesn't open until ten o'clock. Take a picture of the front door. The huge poster is the current temporary exhibition (charge). The water curtain at the door is very interesting.

Because it was only an hour before the museum opened, I went to the Royal Botanical Garden opposite. After many sunny days, we finally met a cloudy day. Green space without sunshine is not beautiful enough. Opposite the 88 story Eureka building. It's said to be the highest viewing platform in the southern hemisphere, but I don't think it's very high.

Sculpture outside the Sydney bowl.

The botanical garden is so big that I went back to the art museum less than half way. I passed by the war memorial hall on the way. The square is so rich.

Eureka, as the highest welfare in a city, can be seen everywhere.

Now I have formed the habit of sitting down when I see the open space.

The gallery is open. The first floor of the rest area, colorful, children's favorite.

The first place to go is the Asian Pavilion. The first exhibition area is Chinese art.

Every time I see exhibits from China in foreign museums, I feel proud and suspicious. Hum, our family has more things than you. How did you get these things: paid for them or robbed them in the war?

Porcelain in the Japanese exhibition area. This plate has a map of Japan. When you look at the words carefully, you have a strong sense of egoism.

Porcelain man. Well, it has national characteristics.

In the exhibition hall of Indonesian culture, there are many puppets with strange shapes.

And a bunch of puppets that are taller than real people. Is it their patron saint?

Most of the exhibits in the museum are European works of art. This monkey pot with a hat is rare.

The dressing table with three mirrors is very European in shape. It seems that the wood is not very different from our classical furniture.

In addition, it's really good for selfie. Meet the narcissistic needs of seeing yourself in all directions.

Of course, more European art is oil painting. The exhibition hall with picture frames hanging all over the wall has the feeling of Louvre.

Picasso's the crying woman

This sea wave painting is very lifelike, in fact, it has a three-dimensional sense.

Ants love vivid portraits.

The snow-white wall is also an ideal background for the portrait.

Among many art masterpieces, I saw this simple still life, which was immediately inspired, and I deeply felt that it might exist here as an encouragement to all those who have painting dreams not to give up.

NGV doesn't look big and has a lot of content. Not until noon. When I was packing at the door, I saw the water curtain and got creative inspiration.

Shooting through the glass, there is a kind of oil painting effect.

It's just that you have to exaggerate your movements to see your figure.

People in front of the water curtain, is the style of silhouette.

The local effect is better than the whole.

Come out hungry and take a free bus to Chinatown. I accidentally found a nearby restaurant rice paper scissors, which ranked second in Melbourne in txxp adxxrxr. It's almost two o'clock, but it's still full, so I sit in the position outside the house, behind which is the alley.

The food of this restaurant is quite special. It uses western cooking method to make Asian food. The quantity of each dish is not large, but it has a long aftertaste. Only two of the five dishes were patted, and the rest could not help eating up.

There is still one afternoon. Without any special plan, I will go to Melbourne exhibition hall and Museum. On the way through the State Library, it's an old building. Someone is playing chess outside the door. The board is big enough for the spectators to watch.

The reading Hall of the library is very distinctive. From the upstairs, the radioactive tables and chairs have a symmetrical beauty.

I didn't expect that the library would be so well photographed. It really opened up a new way to travel.

There is a green space in front of the exhibition hall. The sun reappeared in the afternoon. I ran to the grass and asked ants to take a long-term picture of Melbourne. Sunshine, grass, trees, this is all my imagination of this city before.

The exhibition hall didn't open. Looking in through the gate, it was just an empty space. Originally, there was no exhibition, it was just a museum.

Melbourne Museum is opposite to the exhibition hall. It charges fees and will close soon, so it didn't go in. According to the map, it's very close to the ice cream shop of II Dolce Freddo, so I took a stroll to eat an ice cream. After that, I went shopping at Spencer outlet centre near the South Cross station and got a lot of harvest.

Goodbye, Melbourne. Sydney, see you tomorrow.

If Melbourne is an unusual literary youth, Sydney is a natural beauty who loves to dress up. Take the subway from the airport to the city center, in addition to the heat wave of the air, the heat wave of the crowd is also coming. Perhaps the streets in the business district are not wide enough, and the buildings on both sides of the road are high. Walking on the street, there is always a sense of depression that needs to be looked up to. But the feeling was immediately relieved when we came to the seaside.

After lunch, I took a free bus to the botanical garden. I was surprised to find that there were so many people running in the hot sun at noon. In addition, it's not seagulls that fly everywhere in the park, it's these big guys with long mouths. Is it called "Ibis"?

As soon as you get close to the seaside, you can see the world-class landmark: shell sailboat. But the light after noon makes it look grey and not bright at all.

The high-rise line also appears listless.

So the most suitable time to do is to go to the art gallery. The state Gallery of new Wales is within the scope of the botanical garden. The appearance is very simple.

This is Gandhi's speech arranged in lettered sculptures as soon as you enter.

If you look at the font carefully, is it bone shaped to show Gandhi's strength?

The simple background wall is a good place to take pictures of people.

Compared with the NGV in Melbourne, there are a lot less exhibits here. Porcelain


There are also Picasso's paintings: women in the cradle

This is snow white and the seven dwarfs. Snow White's skin is bursting.

The new house by Australian painter John Brack

Hey, this classmate, don't shoot me.

After visiting the perfect art museum, walking to the circular pier, passing the State Library (how familiar it looks), ant ran in and took some pictures of the reading room.

Although not as amazing as Melbourne state library, the tall hall and the decoration of books are still very atmosphere.

There are also a lot of tourists from the circular pier. Keep going and come to the bottom of the harbour bridge to have a closer look at the Sydney Opera House. At dusk, the shell sailboat finally shows its original appearance, and the setting sun on the opposite side gives it a layer of soft light.

The ships passing by are its decorations

And the plane in the sky.

Look in the mirror through the window.

At this moment, concave shape is necessary.

After taking photos, get on the bridge.

Although you can't climb to the top, it's good to walk on the bridge.

Here you can enjoy the wings of the opera house from high.

The cruise ship made a beautiful arc on the sea.

This antique cruise ship is very eye-catching.

Suddenly found this love lock on the fence, it seems that the legend of love lock all over the world.

You need to be very careful when you put the pad out of the fence to take a panoramic view.

Get off the harbour bridge and walk back to the hotel along George Street. Maybe it's because of Thursday (Sydney's shopping mall closed late on Thursday), the business street is so busy that it looks more like a modern city than Melbourne's cold night. Victoria shopping center is also on this street. Apart from shops, what's more attractive is the building itself, with its classical style and prosperous interior decoration. Even if it's a rotten Street brand, once it's settled here, it's big enough.

After a half day tour of Sydney's main attractions, the next day's itinerary becomes much more relaxed. Hyde Park is not big. The dense shade of trees covers almost the whole road.

Melbourne has Eureka, Sydney has Sydney Tower, the tallest building in each city is like its business card.

There is an old man playing the guitar beside the fountain. The melodious melody gives this ordinary morning special vitality.

At the end of the park is St. Mary's church. Compared with St. Paul's Church in Melbourne, it has a soft temperament.

Sydney Tower is the tallest in the city, so you can see it everywhere.

The interior of the church is also very warm.

The portrait of the virgin is full of warmth and power.

Color window



lamps and lanterns

After visiting the church, I went to the botanical garden to see the opera house in the morning light. Sure enough, the visual effect is very different from yesterday. There is no darkness against the light, nor the tenderness in the dusk, but a brand new and shining white. The texture of the shell is also clearly visible.

This angle is close to the harbor bridge

The high-rise buildings also show a lot of spirit.

Seagulls flying by and waves lapping on the shore are a classic portrayal of the city.

Panoramic shot countless, trying to leave the eyes to see all the content.

Of course, there is also a tour photo here.

And remote group photo

In the afternoon, I went to Darling Harbor, just in time for the Super Bowl exhibition. Each team sent mascots to sing and dance, as well as children's competitions. The excitement is theirs. Let's see and go.

It's hard to judge whether they prefer Melbourne or Sydney. Apart from their distinctive characteristics, there is no doubt that they both have two key attributes that determine the happiness index: sunshine and clear air. However, often see the sun, breathe clear air, now for many people has become a luxury.

[garrulous - Introduction to lazy people]

It's not a well prepared trip. In the busy September, I feel pressure to plan the approaching trip. However, everything is the best arrangement when I go to the bridge and look after it. Kwai chill is not my good at writing, but it lists some of the things and practical practices that I care about at first. Just like the fast food recipes, it is good to help even lazy people crude and careless like me.

plane ticket

At first, the idea of this long holiday was not Australia. By mistake, it was found that the air ticket of China Southern Airlines to and from Melbourne was below 4K. Then it was found that the multi-way United Airlines from Melbourne was several hundred lower than that from Sydney. After comparing several ticketing websites, it was surprising that the cheapest one was Ctrip, with a round-trip tax of 3694rmb per person.

Like most people, tickets between Melbourne and Sydney are determined on Jetstar, tiger and Virgin Blue. I bought Jetstar only one month in advance. The last Jetstar I bought is equivalent to Spring Airlines in Australia. I need to buy extra luggage and food. Two tips:

1) If you buy two tickets at the same time, you have to buy the same baggage allowance for both tickets. If you only buy one ticket, you can only buy two tickets separately. The minimum purchase amount of checked baggage is 15kg / 14.5 $.

2) If there is no online banking in Australia, Jetstar will charge a handling fee of 17 Australian dollars per ticket. The previous prison break method (opening two windows at the same time, one from China to Australia, and the other from Australia) is invalid.

Australia air ticket website:


Virgin Blue:

Please help


Australian visa is relatively easy compared with Schengen visa. It seems that you can send your own visa, but in order not to ask for leave, you choose an agency. The disadvantage of this method is that the agency will require a lot of detailed information (because they want to ensure the passing rate).

Australia visa is an e-visa, so you don't need a passport. You can provide a copy of the passport. Information required: copy of passport (except all blank pages) / copy of ID card / copy of marriage certificate / copy of house property certificate (optional) / two photos / filling in the form (541419) / payroll card flow / frozen deposit certificate (optional) / certificate of on-the-job leave (English) / copy of the company's business license

It should be noted that except for the house property certificate and marriage certificate, all copies must be in color, and the 541419 form needs to be printed on one side.

After the visa is approved, it can be downloaded from the Embassy website according to the visa grant number given Check your e-visa, print it out and take it for a rainy day. It seems that only when you check in, the ticket clerk asks to have a look.


This hotel is all booked on booking except for a night's lodging. It's a bit lazy, because booking's price is not the most awesome, but it's convenient enough to fix all accommodation.

For three nights in Melbourne, they all live near the Southern Cross railway station, so the transportation is very convenient. Besides, there are Coles supermarket and Spencer outlet center beside the railway station, so shopping is convenient to cry.

Sydney stayed in an apartment hotel near Chinatown for two nights. It's very convenient to eat and shop, but it's very noisy on the street.

Motel on Dayang road for two nights, one in skenes Creek and the other in Port Campbell. The conditions are not bad, but the town itself is not big. It's estimated that it's almost the same everywhere.

There are not many choices of accommodation in Denton Nong mountain. For the convenience of going up the mountain, you can live in the small towns near Olinda, Kalorama, and ferny Creek. The prices of hotels on the bookings are very high, so I found a B & B in ferny Creek.

Monington Peninsula lives in Motel on the edge of rye beach, so that it's closer to the peninsula hot spring, so that it's only ten minutes' drive back to the shop after soaking in the hot spring at night. However, the shop is very close to the street and it's noisy.

Car rental

Most of the strategies I have seen before recommend car rental price comparison To book a car rental, I used it to check the prices of six major car rental companies in Australia: Avis, budget, Europcar, Hertz, thrifty and redspot. Budget, Europcar and thrifty are relatively cheap, but Europcar does not accept credit cards with UnionPay logo. Another concern is the translation / notarization of Chinese driver's license. Although most of the statements you see are translations, there are also rumors that the car companies are now more strict and must notarize them. Finally, we made a decision to overturn all the previous assumptions: the eastcoast car was prepaid in full, because it is the only car company in Australia that explicitly states that it only needs a translation of the driver's license, but its reputation is not very good and it is not well-known. However, in order to avoid the possibility of not renting a car without notarized documents, we have to take the risk of being temporarily unknown. In addition, super coverage insurance can also be purchased in advance, which seems to be cheaper than car companies.

Navigation / WiFi / calling card

Another reason for choosing zuzuche is that they offer free GPS rental. For double insurance, we also use Google map navigation at the same time, and the two look at each other.

Google map needs to be connected to the Internet. In order to connect to the Internet at any time on the road, there are only two choices: Portable WiFi or local 3G card. The rental price of portable WiFi in Australia is 35-50rmb / day. If there are many people accompanying us, this choice is more suitable. There are only two of us, so ten days is obviously not cost-effective. After comparison, we choose the second option, which is to buy a local phone card with packet traffic.

The first choice, of course, is the 2-yuan card of Optus: 2 Australian dollars a day, including unlimited phone calls within Australia and 500 meters of Internet traffic per day. Everything seems perfect, but the mobile phone with this kind of card needs to support 3G 2100 / 900m, 4G 1800m (fd-lte), that is to support Unicom 3G. Unfortunately, ant and I don't use iPhone, and Android mobile phone is not Unicom 3G. The final compromise is to put the card into iPad when surfing the Internet and put it into mobile phone when calling.

Two tips: 1) this kind of card can't use iPad as mobile hotspot. It has been proved that personal hotspot can be turned on in some places in the city. Maybe the setting of base station is different, but it can't in most cases. If you use an Android phone, there is no such problem.

2) In some parts of Dayang road or mountains, the signal of Optus is not good enough. If we only rely on it for navigation, we should be cautious.

Urban transportation

Melbourne Airport can take SkyBus, South Cross station to T1 (domestic), T2 (International), T3 (Qantas domestic) terminal, the latest price: 18 $one-way, 36 $round-trip. About 20 minutes one way.

Sydney airport to the city's transport can take the train (subway), to the CBD of several stations, are basically 17 dollars. In addition, many hotels offer through train reservation service, and the price is about $15.

Because the itinerary in Melbourne and Sydney is only about one day, the traffic in the city basically depends on walking, as well as free buses.

The most central part of Melbourne is the free zone, where all trams are free. There is also a freecity circle tram35, which runs two-way around the city center.

The traffic choice in Sydney is more complicated than that in Melbourne. Originally, there was a free CBD shuttle No. 555, which ran back and forth from central to Circular Quay. However, it is said that this line was cancelled since October 4 this year. Fortunately, we left on October 3 and got on the last free bus. In addition, CBD bus uses new routes. If you want to know the latest news, you'd better check Sydney's bus bar.

Tips for driver

Australia, like other Commonwealth countries, adopts left-hand driving. Except for different directions, traffic rules are basically the same. There are several points worth mentioning


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